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Lifespark COMPLETE

As a Blue Cross® Blue Shield® of Minnesota Medicare Advantage plan member, you have Lifespark COMPLETE™ — complete senior health services designed to keep you healthy at home, living a happy, sparked life — all on your terms. Using a proactive approach, Lifespark is proven to keep you off the sick-care roller coaster, helping you live a fuller, more independent life as you age.

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  • In-home medical experts focused on senior care
  • A single point of contact for your everyday health needs
  • A more complete picture of you
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Meet Joyce

Joyce is 76 and living alone. Over the past few years, she has found herself in the hospital more often due to falls. She worries how much longer she can stay in her home and how much more her daughter can help. She is on what we call the sick-care roller coaster — watch the video below to learn what it is and how we help seniors avoid it…

What is the sick-care roller coaster:

So how does Joyce get off the roller coaster?

First step — connect with life management

Wouldn’t it be great to have someone help you tackle everyday and even essential health challenges? Our highly skilled licensed professionals help you turn your goals into action. These compassionate people serve as your single point of contact for all aspects of your well-being.

Doctors and nurses come right to your door

Our senior-savvy doctors, nurse practitioners, registered nurses, and clinicians are all experts in aging and will come to you wherever you call home. You get specialized attention at every visit, giving you more control and convenience.

Learn more about our in-home medical care
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We know you when the moments matter

Concerns in the middle of the night? Changes in your condition? Be ready for those times with a full range of Urgent Response Services, including in-home urgent care services in the privacy of your living room – no need for long waits in the Emergency Room. When you do need to go to the hospital, you’ll get guidance and support coordinating a smooth transition aligned with your goals by professionals who know you in those moments that matter.

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Recentering health care around you

With a more complete picture of you as a person, we’re able to integrate all aspects of your well-being, from medical information to the things that really matter — social connections, living with purpose, and love — into insights and options that support your overall health and goals.

Best of all, Lifespark COMPLETE is affordable. It’s available at no additional cost under Blue Cross® Blue Shield® of Minnesota Medicare Advantage plans.

Why should I unlock my membership?

Because nothing should stop you from doing the things you love, being with the people you cherish, or living the way you want.

Use your Lifespark COMPLETE Membership to help stay healthy at home, navigate your health options with confidence, and live a fuller, more independent life.

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Be proactive with your health and wellness!

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Meet a few of the people on the Lifespark COMPLETE team:

Kari — a Lifespark Life Manager

Dr. Nick — Chief Medical Officer

Katelin — Lifespark Nurse Practitioner

Magnificent results from Lifespark COMPLETE

The Lifespark model is proven to reduce your cost and hospital visits by focusing on you. Not just your health care needs. But your emotional and social needs as well. Here are more results.

28 %

Decrease in hospital admissions

36 %

Fewer days spent in the hospital if admitted

22 %

Reduction in overall health care costs

69 %

And higher Net Promoter Score means members love Lifespark services (compare to 38 NPS average for other health care providers)