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To Picture the Career of a Lifespark Caregiver, You’ll Need the BIG Box of Crayons

  • Jun 21st, 2022
  • Carrie Maloney
  • 5-min Read

“I know my Crayola box is not a small one,” says Tebuho Kabambe. “I want to color outside of the lines, and I get to do that here.” Once a caregiver, Tebuho is now a Lifespark Care Supervisor working with Lifespark Community Home Care, which provides whole-person in-home caregiving and nursing services.

Lifespark’s Community Home Care team members are natural-born healers and life coaches who manage people’s health needs, assist with daily activities, and help them live life on their terms. Their role involves much more than the traditional colors of home care, if you will. They get to bring their artistic vision to parts of the job that are rare in this field—spending unhurried, meaningful time with people to help them shine. (We call that spark!).

But to do that, we need leaders on our team who know how to nurture, guide, and inspire. People like Tebuho who love to help others dig deeper into themselves to discover what sparks them. The end result is usually a caregiver who feels confident and ready to make a difference. Tebuho knows what it takes to, as she says, “use all the colors in the box” to help each person on her team get ready to leave the nest and be on their own.

“I’m here to give caregivers everything I’ve got—and then let ‘Birdie’ fly! I want my team to shine with their own passion and personality. To get the work done but stay true to their core.” That’s how Tebuho views her role at Lifespark. “Just like we spark the lives of our clients, we want to spark the lives of our caregivers.”

In those words, she reflects a Lifespark priority: rethinking employees’ careers:

Who you are matters What do you love to do? How can you bring that to work?

You want room to growWhereto next? Can Lifespark YOUniversity help you get there?

You want flexibility Tell us the hours you need. We’ll do our best to make it happen.

You want to make a differenceHelp us revolutionize the health care system for seniors!

Does this support trickle down from Lifespark leadership?

“It’s not even a trickle-down,” says Tebuho. “It’s oozing!” Tebuho feels the same level of support from her own supervisor, Cherie Motley, the Senior Manager of Community Home Care.As Tebuho puts it, “You can tell that Cherie is investing in us. She sees all our talents. And when someone sees your gifts, they can help you and guide you.”

Tebuho insists that her boss is not a manager. She’s a leader. “When someone manages you, they’re not necessarily giving you space to grow or stretch. They have both hands around you to make sure things are going right. But Cherie’s hands are up! She gives you the roadmap to the destination you want. She allows you trial and error. And if you trip, she says, ‘Okay, let’s circle back. How could we have done that better?’”

You can follow that same sentiment up through the organization to Joel Theisen, BSN, RN, Lifespark CEO and Founder—and a nurse—who feels strongly that culture is our strategy. He works hard to create a place where it genuinely is “all about the people.” And the people feel it. The Lifespark culture is infused with empathy and passion—which reflects back onto the clients our caregivers work with.


Our caregivers carry the Lifespark spirit—not only in the purple of their shirts but in the way they serve. They come to person’s house. First as a guest. Then as family. They welcome the responsibility of serving older adults and their loved ones. They know the weight of the little things.

Helping someone age magnificently is a big job. And some of it has to be learned. That’s why Lifespark Care Supervisors like Tebuho are also mentors. They know what it’s like to be a Lifespark caregiver, having held that very same role on our team as they grew in their own careers. They understand how to help caregivers get the tools, confidence, and skills they’ll need for their work. Skills that will serve them after their shift is over, too.

“I encourage them to access every part of themselves. To let their walls down so they can connect with people,” says Tebuho. “I want them to get to know their clients, to touch them, to see the light in their eyes. But I also steer them to show up on time!”

Tebuho loves the opportunity to impact our caregivers on the job. But she prefers to impact them for life. And we can see the ripple effect that her spark has on those around her. Tebuho radiates the talent and heart of the Lifespark culture!  

To learn more about Lifespark careers, visit our careers page and check out our TikTok channel to see how Lifespark clients and employees show their full colorful selves!

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