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More Rocking. Less Chair.

Life is an amazing and precious thing. And we believe in soaking up every last bit of it. That’s why we’re so determined to change the age-old story of our sick care system, which often overlooks our aging generations. We exist to fan the spark in their lives. To help them live happy and healthy so that they don’t just age, but age magnificently.

The Problem

The sick-care roller coaster is the up and down cycle of sickness, injury, rehab, and re-injury that too many seniors experience. And it almost always ends the same way — with lost independence. Watch the video below to learn more...

Our Vision

The alternative to a “sick care” system

We’ve seen far too many people experience the healthcare roller coaster, when seniors are hospitalized, recover, and rehospitalized a short time later. It’s a reactive form of treatment. Our model uses a proactive, whole person approach to address how seniors really want to live — a richer, fuller, healthier, and “sparked” life.

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Three ways we bring this vision to life

We come to you

Community home care, skilled home health, hospice, and primary care options for living on your terms.

Partnerships with health systems and insurers

Our trusted partners affiliated with Lifespark. We’re always adding more.

Senior living based on your values

Built around your personal goals and the things that spark joy.

The latest Lifespark news and innovation

Lifespark founder Joel Theisen

“I started in the trenches, caring for people who were in their second half of life. And through the years, I saw far too many people on the healthcare rollercoaster. That’s when I and a group of colleagues decided there had to be a better way.

My true joy is seeing the renewed spark in peoples’ eyes, whether it’s a client, family member, partner, employee, or professional referral source — I want them all to age magnificently. But this is just the beginning.”

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Sparking lives since 2004

Formed out of frustration

In the beginning, it was clear that existing senior care models didn’t go far enough to address seniors' overall health and well-being. So Joel Theisen founded AgeWell, a company that for the first time, recognized emotional and spiritual wellness as the key components in seniors’ well-being

Hello Lifespark

The company changed their name to Lifespark, a name that reflects what they do, providing the zest reigniting the 'spark' in the eyes and lives of seniors. Today Lifespark is a pioneer in whole person senior care, focused on helping people build a pathway to live their best life.

The future of senior care

Now more than ever, Lifespark is heavily investing in the latest state-of-the art technology to connect, predict, and track the medical, and well-being outcomes of seniors. Recently, they announced a $16.1 million investment to fund their proprietary technology platform, the Lifespark Operating System. In other words, it's only going up from here.

Not sure what service is the right one for you? We’re here to help you age magnificently.