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Skilled Home Health

Our Skilled Home Health team delivers services covered by Medicare and other insurers to help you after an illness or an injury, or whenever your doctor orders them. As with all Lifespark services, it starts with getting to know you.

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What is Skilled Home Health?

Skilled Home Health is your gateway to an ongoing, coordinated system of support and guidance. Our team brings a passion for seeing you as a whole person, adjusting to fit your needs and wants. Together, we’ll develop a whole-person plan of care, so you can age magnificently.

If you’re looking for additional caregiving support, you may want to look into Community Home Care.

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We Do Skilled Health Differently

While other companies with skilled home care mainly focus on your physical health issues, our complete senior health approach helps you remain more independent, dramatically increases the likelihood you’ll stay out of the hospital, and lowers your long-term costs.

The Right Care at the Right Time

Recuperation is just the beginning. Our team helps you age magnificently on your terms. Here are just a few of the team members you or your loved one may meet.

Physical Therapist (PT) – Your PT reviews your home environment to make sure you’re safe. They work with you on strengthening, balance, walking, reducing pain, and transfers within your home.

Nurse (RN) – Your nurse works with you to better manage your medical condition, or, educates you on how to live with your new or existing condition. They stay on top of wound care, vital signs, and your medications.

Dietitian – Your dietitian helps you understand your personal dietary needs. They may review the food in your home, improve diet recall, and discuss changes that could be made to improve your current diet.

Occupational Therapist (OT) – Your OT helps you improve your self-care, work, and leisure activities. Your OT may assist you with dressing, bathing, grooming, meal preparation, eating, memory, attention, problem solving, and exercises.

Home Health Aide – Your Home Health Aide helps you with tasks such as getting in and out of your shower, bathing, washing your hair, and getting dressed.

Speech Language Pathologist – Your Speech Language Pathologist works with you on talking, understanding, swallowing safely, improving memory, thinking, and concentration.

Medical Social Worker – Your Medical Social Worker reviews your living situation and helps you to access outside services if you need them. The Medical Social Worker helps with financial and legal concerns, provides counseling for emotional and social issues, and helps set long-term goals.

Love for Lifespark

Clients and publications everywhere agree — there’s a better way to age.

I like to call out great service when I see it, and there is no question that the Lifespark team has continuously exceeded any expectations I had.

Shelley T.
Daughter of Lifespark client

Where would I be without Lifespark today? I wonder if I would even be alive. In many ways, without exaggeration, Lifespark saved my life.

Jim Lynn
Lifespark Client

We are so blessed to have the Lifespark team caring for our mom. They are good communicators for our geographically dispersed family. The Lifespark team keeps her healthy and safe — and most important, happy. So grateful!!

Susan B.
Daughter of Lifespark client
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Together, we can do this

Let’s collaborate on the best ways to help you age magnificently. Regardless of your situation or budget, we want to make it work.

Call us at 952-345-0919 for a free consultation. Even if you’re not certain that this is the right move for you, we can help you understand your options so you can make the right choice for you.

Paying for Skilled Home Health Services

Lifespark Skilled Home Health offers services that are covered by Medicare and many other insurances. Our list of insurance coverage continues to grow – please contact us for the most up-to-date insurance list. Our team is highly experienced in working to arrange the best care coverage possible for each client.

If you want to augment insurance-covered services with private-pay care, we can always add additional support services, companions, and live-ins to your personalized plan.


Get more Lifespark at no additional cost

Lifespark COMPLETE™ gives you a complete senior health system that helps you stay healthy at home, navigate health options with confidence, and ultimately live a fuller, more independent life. You get dedicated life management to guide you and your family, full coordination of services and resources, brought right to your door, and expert in-home primary care. And it’s available to you at no additional cost under participating Medicare plans. To learn more call 952-873-7386 or click the button below.

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