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Senior Living

Lifespark Senior Living Communities honor the desire for independence with a complete senior health approach that actively promotes happiness, health, and vitality. We give you support when you need it and space when you don’t.

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What is Lifespark Senior Living?

It’s a place to age magnificently, to call home, to be yourself, and to know that you’ll be supported by a team that is passionate about changing the age-old story.  With locations across Minnesota and Wisconsin, each Senior Living Community offers a unique set of services so you can find one that’s right for you.

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Lifespark Senior Living's core services include:

24/7 Concierge Coordination to Help You Age Magnificently

Personalized Caregiving and Nursing that Support Your Goals

Senior-Savvy Primary Care that Comes Right
to You

In-depth Staff Training to Enhance All Aspects of Your Experience

Complete Senior Health Model that Promotes Independence and

A magnificent approach

We work with you to create a plan that sparks health and well-being. The people who live in Lifespark Communities benefit from innovations that make life simpler and better, starting with our MESH model:

  • Move: Use it or lose it. We help people get moving!
  • Eat: Sharing good food with others sparks friendship and memories.
  • Sleep: We know how important good sleep is to good health, so we help people get the right amount of shut eye.
  • Heal: There’s so much more to living the good life than taking the right meds. Healing happens when we find our new normal.
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The books that guide our better way

When it comes to health and well-being as we age, we literally wrote the books on it. Nationally renowned author, geriatrician, and Lifespark Chief Experience Officer, Dr. Bill Thomas, has written four books to help guide elders, family caregivers, and professionals through the principles and applications of aging magnificently.

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Senior Living Options

All Lifespark Communities use a person-centered approach that promotes independence, happiness, health, and vitality. Each Senior Living option offers unique services to fit you.

Independent Living

Be yourself in an Independent Living Community while focusing on the goals that spark your life.

Assisted Living

Sometimes we all need a hand. Assisted Living offers support that is centered around you and the future you want to create.

Memory Care

We train our staff to create extraordinary opportunities for joy, love, happiness, and belonging, no matter where you are on your journey.

Rehab and Respite Care

When elders face anything from falls to cancer, our staff supports their recovery with the right equipment, tools, and expertise.

You have choices.

The checklists below can help you assess which option might be the best fit for you.

    • Are you looking for relief from daily tasks like housekeeping and yardwork?
    • Are you looking for a convenient and safe environment to call home?
    • Do you look forward to socialization and community spaces for fun and relaxation?
    • Do you want to spend more time enjoying family and friends, traveling, trying a new hobby, or volunteering in the community?
    • Right now, do you care for yourself independently and without daily home care support?
    • Do you find the refrigerator is empty or filled with spoiled food. Are you or your loved one losing weight? These may be signs of not eating well because shopping or cooking is difficult.
    • Do you notice frequent bruises? This may be a sign of mobility and balance problems which can lead to falls.
    • Does your loved one wear the same clothes over and over, or neglect personal hygiene? This may be because laundry and bathing are physically challenging.
    • Do you find the house and yard aren’t as tended to as they used to be?
    • Does your loved one forget appointments or to take medications? This may be due to memory loss.
    • Does your loved one seem down? Depression is common in older adults who are isolated and alone.
    • Do you notice strange or inappropriate behavior such as dressing inappropriately for the weather. This can be a sign of confusion.
    • Is your loved one becoming unsafe in their current home due to memory loss?
    • Do you constantly worry about the safety of your loved one?
    • Is the health of your loved one with memory loss at risk?
    • Is caring for your loved one’s needs beyond your physical abilities?
    • Do you feel stress or a loss of life-balance as a caregiver?
    • Are you neglecting work responsibilities, family, or yourself?
    • Would the structure, safety, and social interaction at a memory care community benefit your loved one?
    • Do you or your family members need a break from caregiving?
    • Would you or your loved one benefit from additional care after a hospital stay illness, or injury?
    • Do you need a day or two of rest and recovery before getting back to a daily routine after same-day surgery or another outpatient procedure?
    • Are you interested in trying out the benefits of a sparked life before a move?
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Spiritual Life program

Lifespark’s Spiritual Life program is dedicated to the emotional and spiritual well-being of our Senior Living residents, families, and staff. Our chaplains offer one-on-one counseling and visitation, spiritual groups and programs, coordination with local spiritual and religious leaders, and end-of-life care that respects and protects each person’s right to spiritual expression and religious freedom.

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Join in the fun!

Enter your art, vote, and win prizes

At Lifespark, our mission is to help people age magnificently. To help carry out this mission, we’re introducing Sparkfest to help highlight the creativity of those we serve.

This years Sparkfest theme is “Fun At The Fair” — a tribute to the ultimate get together. From crafts and poetry to florals, group art, and photography, we are looking forward to showcasing our client’s talents.

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Get more Lifespark at no additional cost

Lifespark COMPLETE™ gives you a complete senior health system that helps you stay healthy at home, navigate health options with confidence, and ultimately live a fuller, more independent life. You get life management support to guide you and your family, full coordination of services and resources, brought right to your door, and expert in-home primary care. And it’s available to you at no additional cost under participating Medicare plans. To learn more call 952-873-7386 or click the button below.

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