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Lifespark COMPLETE™

Tech-Enabled Population Health

We’re creating a one-of-a-kind operating and analytics platform designed with seniors in mind, living wherever they call home, and engineered to produce world-class results. In short, it will change the way the world serves seniors.

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The value-based operating system built for complete senior health

Designed to foster a long-term member relationship

Built for the home instead of the hospital

Created for interoperability

Technology Platform

Our tech platform supports each service team members with their workflows and documentation, while keeping the customer at the center.

Technology Platform

Life Plan

Using both in-person discovery with members and our unique data sets, we build an Individualized Life Plan — complete with actionable goals to help you age magnificently! Your plan addresses both immediate and long-term goals, all aimed at giving you more control and independence.

Technology Platform

Prescriptive Signals

By combining the members’ ELR data with outcome models and Social Determinants of Health, we transform analytics into informed suggestions for care providers and family members. All to make sure members get the essentials for living the fullest life.

Technology Platform

360 View of the Member

The entire care team can view interactions and appointments to ensure the member is supported, and on their way to living a sparked life.

Analytics + Insights

Our analytics platform was built specifically for seniors in value-based products and puts the rich ELR data to use — providing powerful insights that can make a huge impact on someone’s life. Payors and providers need this level of insight to share risk for senior populations and improve well-being. Predictive analytics help the entire team be more strategic with members’ initiatives while prescriptive insights within provider workflows assist field staff with next best actions.

Proprietary Pop Health Scores

Unique analytic scores focused on Senior Population Health outcomes.

Member and Family Experience

24/7/365 Easy Button

We are ready and standing by to assist, with anything from a health concern to finding someone to watch the dog over the weekend.

Remote Monitoring

Some conditions need more consistent monitoring. We can do all of it right in the comfort of the member’s home. No need for clinic or ER visits.


Telehealth is too focused on just health. We provide video support for your health and wellness needs, connecting families directly to the conversation when necessary.

Omni-Channel Activation

The main problem with any new service is activation. That’s why we created personalized communication pathways, designed just for seniors — all optimized by AI to deliver the best results.

Personalized Communication

Communication content, delivery, and time are all customized, depending on the member’s preferences.


Using sms, email, direct mail, and phone calls to make sure we’re connected to the member, actively inviting them to engage in the program.

Powered by AI

Artificial Intelligence continues to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of our communications over time.

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