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Senior-Savvy Primary Care

As you age, your physical health becomes more important. But it’s not the only aspect of your well-being. With Lifespark COMPLETE™, primary care uses a whole-person approach to make sure we never lose sight of you and the life you want to live.

The expert medical care you need, wherever you call home

With Lifespark COMPLETE™ services, you get in-home primary care medical experts - nurse practitioners, physicians, and clinicians - who recenter the health care system around you. We’re the first to bring together the full spectrum of senior - often called geriatric - health services in a single, home-based experience to help you age magnificently.

Whole-person care

We support your life goals, not just your health concerns. By getting to know you inside and out, we can support you in living the most independent life possible — going far beyond the traditional medical provider experience.

Experts in geriatric care

You’ll get 24/7 access to specially-trained geriatric clinicians, along with routine and additional visits as needed. Our skillful team works with you to craft the right plan for you and your goals.

We come to you

No matter where you live, our medical experts recenter the health care system around you for greater flexibility and convenience on your terms. Even labs and X-rays come right to your door.

Expert medication review

With in-depth knowledge on medications and their interactions for older adults, we make sure you understand the medication trade-offs and navigate your options with confidence, especially when dealing with high-risk drugs.

How to get Lifespark COMPLETE

Primary care services are an integral part of our Lifespark COMPLETE program, available at no additional cost under participating Medicare health plans.

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Dr. Nick Schneeman

“Caring for seniors, especially the frail, requires an understanding of how the body ages but also what gives them purpose. Two people with the same health concerns may make very different choices — provided they’re heard, informed, and empowered to be who they are.

That’s what we teach all our clinicians with our specialized training program … because the care you receive should complement both your physical health and your purpose.”

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Get more Lifespark at no additional cost

Lifespark COMPLETE™ gives you a complete senior health system that helps you stay healthy at home, navigate health options with confidence, and ultimately live a fuller, more independent life. You get dedicated life management to guide you and your family, full coordination of services and resources, brought right to your door, and expert in-home primary care. And it’s available to you at no additional cost under participating Medicare plans. To learn more call 952-873-7386 or click the button below.

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Your Lifespark Medical Experts Team

Get the full power of your team through our collaborating providers — doctors, nurse practitioners, registered nurses, and clinical liaisons — who work with you, your other doctors, and anyone else in your circle of support. Because our team specializes in geriatrics, they serve seniors much differently than traditional primary care providers.