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Senior-Savvy Primary Care

As you age, your physical health becomes more important. But it’s not the only aspect of your well-being. Lifespark uses a whole-person approach to make sure we never lose sight of you and the life you want to live.

The support you need, wherever you call home

Our Primary Care team of geriatric experts have deep experience in guiding you toward aging magnificently. We tailor our primary care approach around you, your questions, your goals, and your wishes.

Whole person care

We support your life goals, not just your health concerns. By getting to know you inside and out, we can support you in living the most independent life possible — going far beyond the traditional medical provider experience.

Experts in geriatric care

You’ll have 24/7 access to your geriatric-experienced nurse practitioners and physicians, along with routine and additional visits as needed. Our skillful team of clinicians are trained to craft the right plan for your life and age.

We come to you

No matter where you live, our medical support team will be there to keep your health on track. Primary care is an excellent option for family members who need more medical support or people transitioning after a surgery.

Expert medication review

The highly skilled team specializes in geriatric medication. They’ll make sure you understand the medication trade-offs and are only receiving what you need; especially when dealing with high-risk drugs.

How to get Lifespark Health

If you’re looking to get Lifespark Primary Care services, you need to be a Lifespark COMPLETE™ member or live in one of our select senior living communities.

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Other ways to get Lifespark Health

Through our partner network our team also provides short-term consultative care and ongoing primary care to clients at select Transitional Care settings.

Dr. Nick Schneeman

“Caring for seniors, especially the frail, requires an understanding of how the body ages but also what gives them purpose. The care you receive should complement both.”

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Get more Lifespark at no additional cost

Our flagship program brings together everything Lifespark has to offer - our holistic, life-sparking approach, 24/7 access to everyday support, a dedicated advisor to guide you and your family, and full coordination of services and resources, brought right to your door - so you have what you need to age magnificently. The best part: you have access to all of this - we call it Lifespark COMPLETE - under participating health plans at no additional cost to you.

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The Lifespark Health Care Team

Because our team specializes in geriatrics, they serve the senior population much differently than traditional primary care providers. We aim to keep you off the rollercoaster of healthcare by educating, advocating, and connecting you to everything you need to live a life filled with purpose and joy.

Here’s what to expect when you sign up for Lifespark Health

  1. The primary care team will spend about an hour getting to know you and understanding your wishes, values, and health requirements.Together, we’ll begin building a plan that supports your Life Plan.

  2. Of course. You’re welcome to have an advocate such as a family member to support you during the visit. Communication is an important part of our model, and we want to keep everyone in your communication loop involved.

  3. Most people want to stay in their home to receive care. Makes perfect sense to us. Primary Care at home might be right for you if:

    • Your family caregivers want to support you at home
    • You want proper treatment for your chronic illness or other health issue
    • You aren’t able to easily get out of the house
    • You’re in a transitional period after hospitalization or surgery
    • You need multiple medications or support managing them
  4. After your initial visit, your primary care team will visit regularly, based on how often you want them to come. Generally, most seniors are seen every 1-2 months, with chronic care management services to support, monitor, and identify health changes.

  5. Yes, prior to your first visit with us please download these two documents and fill them out:

    1. Member Registration Form
    2. Member Health History

    You should also review these additional forms (these may be filled out prior to your visit or during your first visit):

    1. Consent for Services & HIPAA
    2. Consent for Chronic Management Services
    3. Authorization for Release of Health Information
    4. Notice of Privacy Practices
  6. Lifespark Primary Care accepts Medicare and most major insurance companies.