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It’s time to change the age-old story

We all age. It’s just a matter of how. That’s why it’s imperative to change the way the current health care industry is failing the senior population, and change the way we think about aging.

The roller coaster of health care crisis

‘Sick care’ is what most seniors experience in our current healthcare system. It’s expensive and reactionary, treating the symptoms on the surface, with gaps in service where more problems arise further down the road.

Lifespark offers more independence, control, and vitality

Lifespark offers more independence, control, and vitality

‘Sick care’ is what most seniors experience in our current healthcare system. It’s expensive and reactionary, treating the symptoms on the surface, with gaps in service where more problems arise further down the road.

Life challenges Rehabilitation Another life challenge Individualized follow-up care Ongoing engagement

How do we solve this together?

For starters, by looking at the whole person. By using data to know more about a person, we can be more proactive and preventive. We harness big data and AI to uncover the social determinants that cause underlying issues. Our data can also help health systems and payors better understand their populations.

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Overhauling the health care model

While others talk about transforming the trillion-dollar aging market, few are actually doing it. Lifespark has gone all-in on our whole-person approach, forging key partnerships and investing in innovative technology platforms that break down the silos of the ‘sick care’ system.

Creating change through our people

Lifespark’s growth and innovation includes some big hitters in the senior care and technology space from across the country, all working to disrupt the aging experience and show the world a new model of whole-person senior care.

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Our unwavering belief in technology

At Lifespark, we’re using state-of-the-art solutions to improve the quality of life for the senior population.

Our complete senior health model uses a proprietary, technology-enabled approach that focuses on the whole person. It improves client experience and quality outcomes; while lowering the total cost of care and improving the employee experience.


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SOC2 Certified

Lifespark is proud to complete its SOC examination with the guidance of third-party audit firm A-LIGN! This globally recognized attestation validates our commitment to critical security standards to protect and secure client data.

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Together, we can create the change that’s needed

The world of senior care is advancing. It’s time for a more enlightened, innovative approach – one you can drive throughout your organization to create real change and stay ahead of the curve for success.

Reduce Costs

Our proprietary approach is reducing client hospital admissions by 28% and cutting hospital stays by 36% and reducing total health care spend by 22%.

Deliver More Value

Lifespark provides significant short and long-term health care savings and keeps you more closely connected with seniors, their families, and your community.

Improve Key Metrics for Health Systems

By collaborating with Lifespark, one system nearly doubled its system intake satisfaction score, tripled its call volume, and doubled its home care census.

Increase Engagement

Lifespark’s customer satisfaction and loyalty scores are exceptionally high, proving that we’re walking the walk.

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More Lifespark at no additional cost

Lifespark COMPLETE™ gives our clients a complete senior health system that helps them stay healthy at home, navigate health options with confidence, and ultimately live a fuller, more independent life. They get dedicated life management to guide them and their family, full coordination of services and resources, brought right to their door, and expert in-home primary care. And it’s available at no additional cost under participating Medicare plans.

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