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Our Culture

Seeking the spark. Staying honest and acting with good intentions. Working with people who feel invested. Knowing for sure that nothing is impossible. And going way beyond expectations. When you entrust us with your career, we take your happiness very seriously. We invest in you, helping you go as far as you want to go with Lifespark.

Purpose and Passion

Thousands of really interesting people fuel the Lifespark machine. Itʼs impossible to rein-in our passion or shift our sense of purpose. We just harness our roaring power to help seniors live their very best lives. Isnʼt that why we went into health care?


Weʼve got it.

From the top down. Our CEO, Joel Theisen, also a nurse, shares his thoughts openly. Ask him your toughest questions, and he happily answers. That same philosophy transcends the entire organization.

Lifesparkers having fun!

Picnic in the Parking Lot

Family fun for everyone. A band. A hoola hoop contest. Facing painting. Games. A chalk art contest. Good food. Good people. Good time.

Holiday Potluck

Including a visit from Mr. and Mrs. Claus!

Snow Tubing

Leave it to us hardy Minnesotan’s to find ways to enjoy our co-workers even on the coldest days!

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Does our culture delight you and make you want to jump right in to help us fix the broken health care system? If you feel the passion reach out.

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