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Lifespark Complete

The Lifespark COMPLETE™ program is what we consider the best path forward to living a happy, healthy, and sparked life. This proactive approach is proven to keep you off the health care rollercoaster, while remaining independent and true to yourself.

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Meet Joyce

Joyce is 76 and living alone. Over the past few years, she has found herself in the hospital more often due to falls. She worries how much longer she can stay in her home and how much more her daughter can help. She is on what we call the roller coaster of healthcare crisis.

The rollercoaster of health care crisis

‘Sick care’ is what most seniors experience in our current healthcare system. It’s expensive and reactionary, treating the symptoms on the surface, with gaps in service where more problems arise further down the road.

Joyce was on the healthcare rollercoaster

Lifespark offers more independence, control, and vitality

The healthcare rollercoaster is the up and down cycle of sickness, injury, rehab, and re-injury that too many seniors experience. And it almost always ends the same way — with lost independence.

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So how do we get Joyce off the roller coaster?

First step — connect her with one of our life management advisors

Wouldn’t it be great to have someone to help you tackle all of life’s challenges? Your life management advisor is a highly skilled nurse who turns your plan into action, running point on every aspect of your life. These amazing, compassionate people understand you inside and out — and know what it takes to help you live a sparked life.

We provide a Life Plan

Together, we turn your 7 Essential Elements data into an individualized Life Plan — complete with actionable goals to help you age magnificently! Your plan addresses both immediate and long-term goals, all aimed at giving you more control and independence.

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We send doctors and nurses right to your door

Our senior savvy team of doctors, nurse practitioners, registered nurses, and clinicians are all experts in aging, and will come to you in the comfort of your own home. Video calls are also available for remote visits and our Virtual Check-Ins eliminate unnecessary visits to the emergency rooms or physicians’ office. With Acute Care @ Home, we have the ability to bring hospital-level care in the privacy of your home to prevent ER and hospital visits.

We deploy innovative technology

There’s a better way to predict your path. Lifespark has developed technology that breaks down the silos of health care. We integrate all aspects of your well-being, from medical information to the things that really matter — social connections, living with purpose, and love.

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Magnificent results from Lifespark COMPLETE

The Lifespark model is proven to reduce ER and hospital visits by focusing on you. Not just your health care needs. But your emotional and social needs as well. Here are more results.

24 %

Reduction in ER visits

43 %

Reduced hospitalizations

82 %

Net Promoter Score means members love Lifespark services (compare to 38% NPS average for other health care providers)

86 %

Feel happier and more optimistic

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How can I get Lifespark COMPLETE?

You may already have access to Lifespark COMPLETE. It is offered through select insurances, including Medicare Advantage plans and others. Check to see if you’re already covered.


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