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Aging Magnificently, Home Care, and Hammerschlagen

  • Apr 22, 2021
  • Meaghan Puglisi
  • 3-min Read

Take what you think you know about Lifespark and throw it out the window. We’re not that little private-pay, geriatric care management company anymore.

We took the business you may remember that was rooted in a whole-person approach to serving seniors and sparked it. Okay, we ignited it and lit the whole industry on fire. Years ago, we had a vision that seniors needed to live sparked lives. We still believe that today. But for them to live it, they need to have access to everything they need, in one place, across a seamless continuum.

Right now, that isn’t happening. Instead, seniors ride what we call ‘the roller coaster of health care crisis’ in an often fragmented, reactive, acute, and medically focused system. We get it, time and reimbursement are real issues. The fee-for-service models that exist today do more to inhibit your ability to invest in key issues than create the space to deliver the value you know you can. Complex issues require the support of a team and that’s not always possible. The reality – seniors aren’t aging magnificently. And we’re all frustrated by it.

Here’s a ‘spark’ of hope – we’re breaking out of this box and delivering the kind of care that sent you into healthcare in the first place. Like you, we want to create the change that is needed and advocate for a better life experience. It makes for a healthier population, more efficient and connected systems, and happier employees.

Imagine connecting seniors to everything they need – private-pay, Medicare skilled home health, primary care, hospice, value-based care, navigation, senior living options, and access to any resource – even beyond health care ones – in one place. And being supported by a fully integrated geriatric specialized team who knows a thing or two about polypharmacy, a geriatric health crisis on the rise. (We think we hit the nail on the head with this model, hammerschlagen-style.)

It takes a lot of people to drive that change and our team is among the best (award-winning culture gives us bragging rights) when it comes to improving health outcomes, lowering cost, and improving populations – in our case, seniors.

Our conversations and actions are focused on forging partnerships to better serve seniors with a whole person client-for-life focus. We’re on the fast-track developing the alternative delivery system enabled by an innovative technology platform that breaks down the siloed walls within the ‘sick care’ system.

By creating a proactive, community-based continuum model that is centered on the client—not the payer, environment, or disease—Lifespark can connect almost any service, any time, any place, wherever our clients call home.

But, enough about us. What about you? Where are your most complex clients where you wish you could do do more ? Where are you frustrated and what would make things easier for you? In other words, how can we help you, help your people.

Throw out what you know about ‘home care.’ No one wants care anymore anyway. Let’s give them a better experience and connect people to everything they need to age magnificently.  Connect with us and discover more.

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