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Lifespark Named Best Places to Work 2015 by Minneapolis/St. Paul Business Journal

  • Aug 21, 2015
  • Meaghan Puglisi
  • 3-min Read

The Minneapolis/St. Paul Magazine Business Journal has named Lifespark a 2015 Best Places to Work, rating us #7 and one of the top-scoring businesses in the Medium Company category. The 17th annual Best Places to Work awards honors 65 Minnesota employers for creating and maintaining engaged workforces. This is the first time Lifespark has won this award, something that is difficult to win among the overwhelming number of high-quality nominations seeking this honor.

The Best Places to Work measures employee engagement using a research validated survey process conducted by Quantum Workplace. Engagement represents the degree to which employees willingly go above and beyond in their work, advocate for the organization and intend to stay into the future. Fifty-one Lifespark employees completed the survey, and the average of their responses create our engagement score which can range from 0-100 with 100 being the best possible score. Lifespark’s score is 91.6846.

Joel Theisen, RN, CEO/Founder shared that the healthcare industry is highly volatile and uncertain with tremendous operational demands, and a historical track record of significant turnover. “We have seen far too many organizations fall into the cycle of churn-and-burn of staff, putting the organization, its people, and its clients on a roller coaster of crises,” added Joel. “We are committed to changing that experience. These awards and accolades help publicly recognize the kind of company we feel we are and helps us with recruiting the best talent and empowering each other to get up and come to work each day knowing we are a best place to work.”

Lifespark best places to work 2015 twin citiesSparked, passionate, powerful, joyful, leaders’ is how Joel described Lifespark when asked why Lifespark is a Best Places to Work in five words. “Our company’s mission is to spark lives – not just for our clients who are in the second half of life, but also for our staff and everyone else around them,” Joel explained. “When our team is sparked, we know our clients get exceptional service – we recognize that our growing team is at the heart of our success.”

According to Quantum Workplace who conducted the employee engagement study on behalf of the Business Journal, ‘top-performing organizations know that employee engagement drives business outcomes. Engaged employees are more productive, more profitable, more customer-focused, and more likely to stay. Highly engaged workplaces grow faster, adapt quicker, and innovate more. Organizations don’t just benefit from employee engagement; they depend on it.’

“We have an award-winning culture that has earned us several workplace awards this year alone,” said Sara Aschenbrener, General Manager for Lifespark. “To bring the value of our workforce to the forefront of our actions every day, we have built many ways to recognize our teams’ value into our daily operations to deepen our commitment to building employees-for-life.”

Joel added, “Most importantly, because the Best Places to Work recognition is voted by our employees themselves, it demonstrates that THEY feel we are Best Place to Work.”

Join the conversation, we want to know–what drives your business growth? Is employee engagement part of that growth?

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