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Breaking Down Barriers to Transform Senior Care

  • Sep 25, 2020
  • Cathy Gasiorowicz
  • 3-min Read

Remember when Amazon sold only books, Netflix rented DVDs by mail, and Lifespark was a scrappy little private-pay home care agency? Since their modest beginnings, all three have not only changed their business models, they’ve transformed entire business sectors. Amazon and Netflix need no further explanation, so allow me to update you on Lifespark, a still-scrappy but very different company than when we began in 2004.

A New Model of Care

CEO and cofounder Joel Theisen, BSN, launched Lifespark (originally named AgeWell) as a private-pay company for one key reason: the freedom to develop and test a more human-centered model of senior care with the goal of improving the life experience of older adults across the longitudinal continuum.

Sixteen years later, we’re developing an alterative delivery system that breaks down the walls between private-pay home care, home health care, primary care, transitional care, skilled nursing, in-home hospital care, assisted living services, hospice and palliative care. By creating a model that is centered on the client—not the payer, environment, or disease—Lifespark can provide almost any service, any time, any place, wherever our clients call home.

Leveraging Technology to Improve Health and Wellbeing

Fundamental to Lifespark’s growth and success is technology and tech-enablement. A recent article in Worth magazine highlighted Lifespark as a company “many analysts believe is building the model that will drive the next decade of innovation and advancement across a large swath of the aging sector.”

Lifespark is working to reverse the rising costs of health care by addressing social determinants of health (SDoH), such as income levels, living conditions, social interactions, family relationships, and food security. Currently in development, Lifespark’s Electronic Life Record (ELR) uses artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning, and proprietary algorithms to capture not just typical medical inputs, but also thousands of additional data points that can be highly predictive for recommending the best care solution or next best step. Unlike an electronic medical record (EMR), the ELR also provides true interoperability—the ability to share critical client data between providers, clinics, and hospitals.

Not an Overnight Success

Lifespark’s journey hasn’t been a straight line, but the company has never shied away from seemingly immutable barriers—or failure. As Theisen told Home Health Care News, “If you’re not willing to put yourself out there, you’ll never find your path. Great innovation has been born from failure. The key to growing and changing is aggregating the top talent, finding the best people, and bringing the right insights into the company.”

To quote Worth magazine, “Lifespark is a preview of what senior care will look like in years to come.” We invite you to partner with us on this exciting journey.

Our vision for change explained- watch our video!



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