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Caregiving: Give the Gift of Extra Help for the Holidays

  • Dec 13, 2013
  • Meaghan Puglisi
  • 3-min Read

The holiday season is filled with hustle and bustle. And among all the silver bells and chestnuts roasting over an open fire, the holidays can also be filled with stress, anxiety, and social isolation.

Have an older relative on your list this year? A loved one who lives alone? Or perhaps you are looking for  something for that busy friend who cares for her mom?

According to Kris Teigen, RN, Lifesprk nurse, consider what just four hours of extra help could mean to them. She has seen first-hand the difference that a little extra help can  mean to someone who may find it more difficult to get out or to do the same holiday traditions that have  been so meaningful.

“We had one client who just wanted help making holiday cookies. She had Lewy body dementia, a brain disease that causes progressive loss of memory as well as spatial problems and falls. Baking holiday cookies was a family tradition, and she never thought she’d be able to enjoy that special tradition again. With a little help from Lifesprk, she was able to bake the family favorite cookies for everyone, and she was just so proud of her gift. The whole house smelled of freshly baked cookies in time for company that  evening,” explained Kris.

She noted that we also often see caregivers, family members who are helping an older loved one,  appreciate a little extra help to free them for other activities or tasks. You could arrange a caregiver to help with housecleaning or running errands so the caregiver can spend time with family. Or a caregiver  can help with wrapping gifts, or meal preparation for the caregiver or the older loved one. “There are so many opportunities to help in little ways that can be such a heart-felt gift during the holidays,” she added.

Some examples of how Lifesprk services can help during the holidays:

  • Extra help and/or transportation for those holiday excursions – don’t miss the chance to see holiday displays and lights, hear the sounds of the season, or attend those special holiday events and activities
  • Get a ride to appointments during this busy time
  • Assistance with holiday and grocery shopping
  • Extra hands for household tasks and cleaning
  • Accompaniment to worship and holiday services
  • Help making meals
  • Help baking holiday cookies and treats
  • Assistance pulling out decorations, setting up, and arranging holiday displays
  • Extra help shopping for, wrapping and sending gifts
  • Take a day trip for lunch, go to the hairdresser or just do something special
  • Proactively starting a new year by aligning life goals with health goals to age magnificently

Call Lifesprk today, and we can help you or a loved one get the extra help to make their season brighter. We’re available 24/7 for a free discovery consultation.

Help share the spark this holiday season!

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