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Creating a New Life Experience: Inspiring People to Age Magnificently

  • Oct 2, 2018
  • Meaghan Puglisi
  • 4-min Read

On October 27, Joel Theisen, RN, CEO of Lifesprk will address this concept of creating a new life experience at the upcoming SAGE-ing Conference to hundreds of seniors who aspire to be on a ‘Sage-ing journey,’ looking as they say, at new ways to grow older through a spiritual practice that involves harvesting the wisdom of our lives and transforming the current paradigm of ‘aging’ to ‘sage-ing.’

They are not alone in their quest for a better aging experience. Media and healthcare providers are starting to notice the shift occurring within our aging population. People are demanding a different, more person-centered approach to their health that covers important issues like social isolation or even whether or not to refer to people as seniors – are you a perennial or elderly?

What we know is that using only a medical approach to health care misses the mark – people need a broader approach to live fuller, richer lives, and keep costs low long-term. The goal when it comes to home care or aging in place should be about proactive support that reduces the need for care by focusing on life goals. But it also needs to address the whole person, and so many traditional home care companies don’t methodically address all the elements of wellbeing that have a real impact.

Perceptions about the aging experience in America carry a lot of baggage. Too often aging is framed around limitations and problems. But what about the opportunities? Where is the spirit? Where is the spark? Where is the magnificence? It’s important for people to demand a better experience for themselves or their aging loved ones. An experience centered on a person’s life goals is where the real results are found to keep seniors independent longer, more active, less socially isolated, and with lower healthcare costs. Every hospitalization and ER visit prevented, saves money and protects independence.

People assume a ride on the roller coaster of health care crisis as they age is normal aging –we challenge you to look differently at the way we can age.

Creating a new experience is really about helping people believe and understand why whole person care is needed – to create the shift from ‘sick care’ to ‘health care.’

Take the Blue Zones for example, which shows how older adults living in these zones are thriving, contributing members of society. They are beautiful examples of aging magnificently. But how the magnificence is defined is up to each individual. The point is, we need healthcare approaches that focus on helping seniors achieve their magnificent possibility long into their elderhood, or old age…Golden Years? You decide.

Surgeon and best-selling author Atul Gawande said it best: “We have medicalized aging and that experiment is failing us.” So what can seniors do to change that experience – for themselves, and for others? We have to help seniors realize that a different approach to aging exists.

At the Sage-ing conference, Joel’s inspiring and provocative presentation sheds light on key aspects of the aging experience, addressing the challenges people have between being a zombie (going through the motions of aging) or a test pilot (willing to be part of creating a new aging experience). He will share tips to help people take charge of their wellbeing, not only for themselves, but also for those whom they care for.

Interested in hearing Joel or other presenters reimagine aging at the Sage-ing conference? Order your tickets online and use our Lifesprk code for 10% off the ticket – promo code: SPRK.

We want to know – how will you create a new aging experience? Share on!



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