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Everyday Support

It’s ok to ask for help at any age. With Lifespark’s Everyday Support, one call can get you connected to the services and resources you want. We’re like your personal concierge — always ready to make your day easier with no obligation.

Call now to connect with a Navigation Specialist: 952-345-0919

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One call for every connection

Lifespark is your life-long advocate, providing 24/7 access to people who are always ready to answer questions, solve problems, and help you live life on your terms. Here are some popular services:

Finding the first step in care

Everyday Services can be your first connection to transitional care, memory care, or even community care. Let us point you in the right direction.


Need a lift? Lifespark GO! will safely transport you to appointments, the mall, or anywhere you want to go. Need different options? We’ve got that, too.

Pet services

Need help for your faithful friend? We’ll connect you to a dog walker or whatever you need so your pet can get what they deserve.

Meal and grocery delivery

When it’s hard to get to the store as often as you’d like, we can get your food delivered right to you. We can even find someone to put the groceries away.

Snow removal or yard care

No need to risk an injury or a fall. We’ve got it. Just call and we’ll find a pro to take care of it.


Sometimes it’s hard to talk openly about your health; especially with family members. Allow us to step in and facilitate the tough conversations.

Charges for each service may vary. And again, there is no obligation to use the recommended services!
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Lifespark GO!

Lifespark + Envoy America

While Lifespark GO! addresses transportation gaps, its whole-person approach does more than just provide curbside transportation.

Call now: 888-375-5558

Learn more about Lifespark GO!

Easy to set up

We provide caring companionship and assist with getting in and out of the car, shopping and carrying packages, as well as waiting at doctor’s appointments.

Give us a call

When transportation is needed, call us at least one day in advance at 888-375-5558 or use our convenient website to arrange pick-up time and place.

Driver at your door

Our driver companion helps with transportation, assists with errands, provides companionship, waits at appointments, and assists with any movement obstacles.

See a sampling of the many services we can connect you to

Based on our 7 Essential Elements of Well-Being. Don't see what you're looking for? Just call ... we'll help you find and connect to reliable resources.

  1. By nature, humans are social. We make sure your fundamental human needs of connection are met. From transportation to social events, to lending an ear that’s always ready to listen, we’re here for you, always.

    • Transportation
    • Community Engagement
    • Opportunities
    • Pet Services
    • Adult Day Services
    • Support Groups
    • Volunteer Opportunities
    • Senior Centers
    • Social Groups
  2. Living with purpose is key to aging magnificently. If there’s something you miss doing, or something you’ve always wanted to do, we can make it happen together. Just say the word.

    • Hobbies & Clubs
    • Travel & Adventure
    • Spirituality Support
    • Civic Groups & Activities
    • Community Service Opportunities
  3. The things that bring you joy are a big part of your identity. Our mission is for you to stay connected to them and your community.

    • Education & Online Learning
    • Mentoring Opportunities
    • Arts & Music
    • Volunteering Options
    • Legacy & Life Stories
  4. Worrying about the complexities of insurance and benefits gets in the way of simply doing what you want to do. Let us source the right support to make sure your finances are in order.

    • Medicare / Insurance Options
    • Financial Management & Asset Protections
    • Veterans Benefits
    • Long-Term Care Insurance
    • Estate Planning
    • Tax Preparation & Counseling
  5. Your home is your safe space. But it can have hazards. We can find the safety measures and housing options that work for you.

    • Fall Prevention
    • Adaptive Equipment
    • Lifeline or Other Services
    • Housing Options
    • Caregiving (live-in and hourly)
    • In-Home Safety Assessment
    • Cleaning & Repairs
    • Yard Work & Snow Removal
  6. Whether you’re living with a challenging condition, or feel as sharp as a tack, programs and extra support to keep your mind engaged are just a phone call away.

    • Music & Memory Programs
    • Caregiver Support & Coordination
    • Cognitive Testing & Support
    • Memory Care Programs
    • Respite Care Services
    • Brain Games & Activities
  7. Let our 24/7 concierge set your health and wellness on the right path by connecting you to all the right people.

    • Nutrition & Meal Planning
    • TCU (Transitional Care Unit)
    • Hospice & Palliative Care
    • Home Care / Medicare Home Health
    • Advanced Care Planning
    • Complementary Health & Exercise Programs
    • Behavioral Health

When to reach out for support

The ultimate goal is for you to age magnificently. If that means getting some assistance here and there, then reach out as soon as possible. We’ll do everything in our power to accommodate your wishes to keep you in control of your health and well-being.

Getting started is simple. Call our specially trained Navigation team at 952-345-0919 or email ShineOn@lifespark.com.

Have questions? We offer free consultations where we can help you identify what services are right for you. Our program is similar yet broader than Minnesota Senior Linkage Line, and available 24/7.

Get more Lifespark at no additional cost

Lifespark COMPLETE™ gives you a complete senior health system that helps you stay healthy at home, navigate health options with confidence, and ultimately live a fuller, more independent life. You get a dedicated Life Manager to guide you and your family, full coordination of services and resources, brought right to your door, and expert in-home primary care. And it’s available to you at no additional cost under participating Medicare plans.

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Take Control on Your Own

Not sure where to start? Here’s an option. Download our discovery tool and discover your pathway to what is most meaningful in your life, along with anything else you want to add. Armed with this information, you can stay more in control of your life.

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