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Feeling Safe, in Control, and Independent: How Home Care Supports Patty and Ken’s Goals

  • Jun 2, 2022
  • Cathy Gasiorowicz
  • 3-min Read

Brooke Anderson, RN Case Manager with Lifespark Community Home Care, visits Patty and Ken just once every three weeks, but for this couple, her consistent support and immediate access makes them feel safer and in control of their lives. “I’m so grateful that Brooke takes care of our medications—and there are a lot of them—so I don’t have to worry about any of that,” said Patty, a retired nurse who lives with her husband Ken in a senior living community.

Kindred spirits

According to Patty, she and Brooke can talk for hours about anything and everything. Brooke wholeheartedly agrees. “We hit it off immediately, and because we share a career in nursing, Patty trusts my judgement and she knows I respect hers,” Brooke said.

Focused on independence

The couple’s goal is to live as independently as possible for as long as possible. Fortunately, because they’re already comfortable with private-pay services, Brooke can bring in whatever additional support they need to stay independent.

Last December, when Ken had a fall that put him in the hospital, Brooke got him connected with Lifespark Skilled Home Health for rehab and recovery. Instead of spending several weeks at a transitional care facility, Ken came home and had physical therapy right in their living room. It was the right solution for Ken and Patty.

“Basically, I see my role as doing everything I can to keep my clients happy, healthy, and at home,” Brooke said.

You see the signs – what’s next? Resources for you…

For seniors focused on independence, how do they, or you as their family caregiver, know when it’s time to seek support to advocate and perhaps, simplify their connections to services? It starts with trusted relationships. Brooke and many other Lifespark team members work hard at developing those so that when the time comes to explore additional services like home health, private-pay nursing, senior living or hospice, the senior and their family members are more open to the discussion. What we’ve learned from countless conversations just like these has helped us form a few resources you may find helpful, too:

  • Whole person wellness checklist – it’s helpful to check-in on your or your loved one’s well-being to see if a little added support could maintain independence and autonomy.
  • Searching for Services – where do you start? This eBook is all about next steps and identifying what may be needed. A good place to begin when searching for in-home care or home health services.

To learn more about Lifespark Community Home Care, call us at 952-345-0919 or request a free consultation.

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