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Golf On! Dream Rally Wish

  • May 9, 2012
  • Meaghan Puglisi
  • 3-min Read

Anyone who knows Marilyn Meese knows Marilyn loves to golf. She told us, “When I was teaching in Faribault, I was in a golf league and loved it!” At 84 after breaking her hip, she hasn’t been out on the course for years. “I don’t think I’ll ever golf again much less get to a golf course, but it was fun at the time,” she was sad to say.

However, Marilyn’s Lifesprk Life Care Manager and friend saw it differently. Suzanne put it this way, “For Marilyn, we were determined to make the impossible, possible.” And it all happened on the afternoon of May 9th. FORE!!!


After picking Marilyn up from her home at SilverCrest Summit Place, we cruised on over to the Golden Valley Country Club (GVCC) where we had a tee time of 12:30 pm on the 19th hole set for Marilyn. After we arrived, Marilyn was greeted by Lifesprk Executive Susan Garner. She was so excited to be back at the golf course … she felt right at home!

We were escorted to the patio at GVCC overlooking the 18th green and were treated to a delicious lunch. It was a gorgeous day and we were able to watch golfer after golfer make their way through the course. It also happened to be Ladies League that day and so after finishing their round, some of the participants stopped by our table to welcome Marilyn which was a real treat! She was able to chat and reminisce with the women about golf, something she truly enjoyed! The GVCC was even kind enough to gift Marilyn with the golf-themed floral centerpiece sitting on our table for her to remember the day.


After lunch, we headed back to Summit Place and on the way there Marilyn proclaimed, “I’ve been sparked!” She let us know that throughout the day she had felt so special and that everything was marvelous. We knew we had done our job! By igniting her passion, we were able to create a memorable day for Marilyn. A Lifesprk team member summed it up this way, “I was so honored to have the privilege of being with Marilyn for the Golf On wish today. Lifesprk has helped her to overcome a tremendous setback in her independence when she fell and broke her hip in August, 2011. This was such a wonderful & spectacular treat for her!”. We couldn’t agree more! Golf On, Marilyn!

Background Info

With four stepchildren living out of state and a nephew in southern Minnesota, Marilyn Meese could easily be in a situation of feeling lonely at the young age of 84, but that’s not the case. Marilyn lives at Summit Place Assisted Living in Eden Prairie, a Silvercrest Property, and has developed a close relationship with her Lifesprk Life Care Manager, Suzanne Sem. The relationship is more than a nurse-to-client relationship; it’s a close bond that stems from Lifesprk’s unique approach to care. With a little help from her Lifesprk friends, Marilyn is able to enjoy all the things she loves to do and lives a very sparked life!

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