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If You Had a Magic Wand, How Would YOU Spark Your Second Half of Life?

  • Dec 5, 2014
  • Meaghan Puglisi
  • 4-min Read

Join the Conversation and Be Entered to Win….

The magic of the holidays are upon us as we celebrate all that has happened over the past year – our accomplishments, challenges, and things we’d do differently. The holidays are actually a perfect time to reflect, share thanks, and consider the possibility of what lies ahead.

Now, if only you had a magic wand . . . what kind of experience would you want for your second half of life? 

At Lifespark, we’ve seen far too many older people end up on the roller coaster of crisis, losing control, independence, and choices. Most importantly, we’ve seen that they’ve lost the sparkle in their eyes and the purpose in their heart. That’s not the experience we’d wish for anyone. Unfortunately, most health and senior services, including home care, just react to crises once they’ve happened and do little proactively to break the roller coaster. That’s one of the reasons we created Lifespark – we’ve committed to bringing you and your loved ones a DIFFERENT experience in the second half of life.

At Lifespark, we see ‘magic’ happen every day. To create that magic, and truly find the spark in someone’s life, we need to look at them as WHOLE person and go beyond just providing home care services. That starts with discovering what is most important to them. What do they wish for? What does it mean to be ‘living life on your own terms’ or what we call living a sparked life? Here’s what some of our clients wished for . . . and received.

  • Kaye wished to go beyond ‘being fine,’ get her pain under control, and get back to her passion for painting
  • Vern wished to go home to ride his lawn mower again, even though he was told he’d never live at home again
  • Harriet wished to get beyond her loneliness and sadness to reconnect with the church community (and organ music!) she’d grown up with
  • Bob wished to get his wife off the roller coaster, enabling him to be her husband again, and get back to his love for sailing
  • Trudie was so inspired by her 105th birthday wish that she was determined to regain the strength in her legs so she could walk into her 106th birthday party (and she did!)

What’s your wish?

Join Our Holiday Magic Conversation:

If you had a magic wand, how would you spark your own (or a loved one’s) second half of life? 

We know the experience can be different – can be sparked – regardless of circumstances, and we’ve got the outcomes to prove it. So take a moment, and just imagine for a moment . . .then join the conversation.

You know what they say – goals don’t become real until they are written down. We encourage you to write them down by commenting on this blog or posting them on our Facebook community to share with others seeking the magic of what’s possible. 

Each week when you participate in our Holiday Magic conversation, we will enter your name into a drawing for a $25 gift card to be given out weekly starting the first week in December and running throughout the end of the month.

To enter, simply join the conversation by commenting on this blog or posting on Facebook and answering: “If you had a magic wand, how would you spark you second half life.” 

Be honest, be brave and let the magic fly – and from our growing family to yours – may the magic of the holidays continue throughout the New Year!


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