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Lifespark Ranked #15 on Star Tribune’s Top Workplace List

  • Jul 7, 2022
  • Cathy Gasiorowicz
  • 3-min Read

Between the ongoing pandemic and Lifespark’s exponential growth, it’s been quite a year of change for Lifespark employees. Which is why it’s such an honor to be named a 2022 Top Workplace by the Star Tribunethe 11th time Lifespark has earned this award. In 2021, Lifespark ranked #47 among mid-size companies, but due to this year’s growth, Lifespark not only moved into the large company category but also ranked #15 of top 50 large companies.

“That’s an impressive jump,” said Jill Hackenmueller, Lifespark Chief People Officer. “Despite tremendous growth and a pandemic, our team continues to believe we’re on the right track—and that means everything to us.”

To learn what factors contributed to such an enthusiastic response from Lifesparkers (who admittedly ‘bleed purple’), we asked Jill about the culture at Lifespark. “There’s a growing number of people who are passionate about changing the senior experience,” she said. “And at Lifespark, our employees have the opportunity to make a genuine difference in the lives of older adults.”

Lifespark is Hiring – Apply Now

That opportunity is built into the company’s mission of helping seniors age magnificently. “People care deeply about what their employer stands for,” Jill said. “While many employers are experiencing the Great Resignation, Lifespark is fueling the Great Reimagination with opportunities for people to reimagine their careers in a way that makes a difference.”

Even as Lifespark has grown and expanded into complete senior health, Jill said that the company has stayed true to its mission, vision, and values. She believes that employees see this at their first interview, during orientation and training, and through ongoing communications and mentorship. “We live our promises to employees,” she said.

Although being part of a growth organization has its challenges, it also offers employees opportunities for career progression. “As we’ve grown, we’ve created not only more jobs, but also more types of roles, and we encourage our people to pursue new areas of interest within Lifespark,” Jill said. “For example, registered nurses (RNs) can choose from among several different nursing roles, giving them opportunities to find their true calling.”

Another important factor is the company’s open and transparent culture. “Employees know they can bring forward their ideas or concerns and they will be heard, without any negative ramifications.” Jill said. “Whether you’re a home health aide, occupational therapist, business analyst, IT specialist, hospice nurse, or any other role, you have a voice here.”

Ultimately, what makes Lifespark a Top Workplace in Minnesota are our people—those whose spark, creativity, and passion make a difference in the lives of their co-workers, clients, and families. We are so grateful to you!!

To explore what it means to work at Lifespark, check out our careers page – we’re hiring!

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