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Lifespark Adds RN Case Management Services

  • Jun 4, 2019
  • Meaghan Puglisi
  • 3-min Read

Part of our job is to advocate for a better life experience. We’ve listened to our clients and families, our team, and you our partner, and we hear you – people want greater flexibility in designing the specific set of services and capabilities that meet their needs today, at this exact moment, with the confidence they are surrounded by a full delivery system of support and guidance to face whatever life holds. And yet, many clients still gravitate to an option that seems easy – caregiving with nurse oversight and one low hourly rate. (We know this can be a dangerous silo.)

Lifespark has made some changes to our service lines that makes it easier for us to meet people where they are, with even greater price transparency, and improved ability to connect people to the right resource at the right time. If you have one of our purple cowbells ring it, this is great news for you and your clients (If you don’t, ask our community liaison team to get you one).

We’ve added RN Case Management capabilities to our Community Home Care services to make it easier for people to start care with Lifespark caregiving immediately. The reality is, people desire varying levels of support as their health and wellbeing change over time – sometimes they simply need a private-pay nurse or caregiver, and that’s it. We’ve adapted our offerings to give them exactly what they need when they need it with the long-term flexibility to offer access to many service lines if and when they are needed. RN Case Management services are infused, as all our services are, with our Lifespark ExperienceTM and whole person senior care model.

All clients continue to have access to Life Managers (registered nurses) for comprehensive proactive planning, care coordination, and advocacy.

Another focus of our review was to ensure our pricing structure was fully transparent – when clients seek home care there should be no surprise or hidden costs. Within our Community Home Care, there are no surprises – simple, straightforward fees and a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

What does this mean for you? You can continue to refer to Lifespark for a multitude of needs:

  • Community Home Care – Caregiving and RN Case Management for nursing services including medication management and caregiver oversight in the community under our Minnesota comprehensive license.
  • Lifespark Health – Whole person primary care available on-site at several senior living campuses or in the community.
  • Lifespark Home Health – Medicare skilled home health to meet your clients’ needs, even those with greater acuity.
  • Navigation – 24/7 connection to resources in the community for your client including home modification, meals on wheels, volunteering, exercise programs, and more (the sky is the limit with our navigation team).

These services whether collectively or individually use the same approach to keeping people healthier, and more independent longer (the ‘sparking lives’ part) regardless of their needs. We have the same goal you do, to improve long-term health outcomes and create better opportunities for people to have the life experience they desire.

I’m sure you’ll have questions about what this means and we hope you do – reach out to our Community Liaison team to discuss our new Community Home Care capability and pricing and of course, a purple cowbell.


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