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Lifesprk Client Reflects On Aging Through Poetry And Shares Her Words…

  • Jun 14, 2017
  • Meaghan Puglisi
  • 3-min Read

Writing Poetry Sparks Her – What’s Your Spark?

At 88, Dorothy Sandquist is a poet. But the spark of writing poetry didn’t begin until later in life at age 50. Sparks aren’t always obvious. Sometimes we have this driving need deep inside to do something – be creative, write, paint, run a 5k or take up dancing lessons – but it’s pushed aside because life just got in the way. We wait for retirement to take that trip or write that novel, but time isn’t always on our side. That’s true at every age, and why living a sparked life is so important for all of us.

When Mary Beckman, RN, Lifesprk Life Care Manager at Oak Meadows, read Dorothy’s poems she was astonished. “They were captivating,” said Mary. “Discovering what sparks each of our clients is the greatest part of my job and why whole person nursing is so important for both my client and me in my profession. I was honored that Dorothy felt comfortable allowing me to read her poetry and it certainly sparked my life to see the words written by her. So much so, I wanted others to read it, too.”

What did Dorothy think? She was humbled and honored to share her spark. While there are many poems in her repertoire, this one stood out because it speaks of her aging experience – despite the number of years, the girl and the woman remain one in the same. Perhaps that’s the secret to life? How you view it? Or better yet, how you live it – regardless of the number of birthdays you’ve celebrated. Dorothy didn’t title this particular poem. For now we will call it ‘Dorothy’s Poem’ and let the openness of it spark you to do something today with your life. Enjoy!

I looked into the mirror today
and saw reflected there –
an older face, a wiser face with lines framed by grey hair.

The child and girl within me
return solemn stare
for they are very close to me
when I need them, they are there.

They too, have seen the passing years
and hope that with each one
I’ll learn to better live and love
until my life is done.

Lo birth days when they come around
for me will hold no fear
because life begins at fifty
I’m just starting my fifth year.

Now that my birth days are here and gone
I’m glad for a pretty good mix
Of child, girl and woman
for now I’m 56.

Poem written by Dorothy Sandquist


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