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Lifespark Model Expands with Medicare-Certified Home Health Care

  • Aug 24, 2017
  • Karen Carney
  • 4-min Read

First Operational Model of Community-Based Population Health in MN

To heal Betty’s broken hip, we first have to heal her broken heart.

Think about that for a moment. How often are you able to focus on the psycho-social and personal issues that impact the well-being of your clients?

And yet a growing body of national research studying the American health care system acknowledges there are major gaps in our current acute care world because of its focus on reactive, sick care rather than wellness. Joel Theisen, RN, CEO & Founder of Lifespark sees a growing demand for new solutions that link the community and acute care worlds into a seamless system.

“We need a system that addresses psycho-social and life issues that are often beyond the scope of covered services,” he explained, adding, “we need an approach that provides proactive guidance to catch issues early thus preventing unnecessary hospitalizations. We need long-term coordination between discrete programs of care, crossing all settings with a trusting relationship that fosters engagement. We need a system of excellence that truly achieves Triple Aim and sparks lives.”

Lifespark adds Medicare-certified home health care service

That’s why Lifespark has expanded our services to include Medicare-certified home health care. Lifespark Home Health brings the Lifespark philosophy and approach to the Medicare-certified services your clients need after an illness or injury, or whenever their physicians order services.

Our goal is to give our referral partners a seamless continuum for promoting and protecting their clients’ well-being without any gaps. Lifespark provides an ongoing coordinated system of support and guidance that adjusts to fit the seniors’ needs and wants and reduces any risks with transitions to help them stay on track for their goals.

Joel notes that while Lifespark now has home health capabilities, it believes strongly in the importance of continuity of care, and works diligently to keep clients within their preferred networks even when those networks have their own home health services.

So what makes Lifespark different than other home care agencies that offer both private-pay and Medicare-certified home health services? A lot, stresses Joel.

“Those models still use reactive home care approaches that do little to improve outcomes, reduce hospitalizations, lower costs, or spark lives. It is one of the reasons that despite some progress, as a nation we are still struggling to reduce rehospitalizations. Those traditional providers don’t seek to build life-long affinity with their clients to help them thrive wherever they call home, providing the right care at the right time even as their needs change over time. They don’t use a whole person approach that works to eliminate gaps and address the life care challenges that impact the well-being of seniors beyond just their health issues,” he continues.

What makes Lifespark Medicare-certified home health care different?

Those differences are the key reasons Lifespark achieves not just Triple aim, but Quadruple Aim, improving the lives of clients AND employees. Need proof? Just check out the success stories that are engaging clients like Bob Horeck and providing improved outcomes for people with Lymphedema.

“Long after other Medicare-certified home health providers have discharged their clients, we are still connected and still looking ahead for them,” Joel describes, “helping them to anticipate the changes ahead and maximize their independence so they can live life with purpose and passion, on their terms.”

One of the things that sets Lifespark apart is its willingness to step up to be measured. While all Medicare-certified home health agencies participate in quality measures, very few private-pay providers invest in measuring and sharing their outcomes.

And most importantly, Lifespark has built the first operational model of community-based whole person population health for seniors in the U.S. right here in Minnesota. And that push for changing the aging experience is transforming health care and prompting providers of all types both locally and nationally to explore how they can incorporate the Lifespark model in their networks.

Whether your clients need long- or short-term care, or maybe you’re not even sure what they may need, call Lifespark Navigation and know with confidence that you’re connecting your clients to a gateway for an ongoing coordinated system of support for the healthiest, most independent life possible.

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