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Lifesprk’s Innovative Home Care Model Featured in Minnesota Health Magazine

  • Nov 23, 2015
  • Meaghan Puglisi
  • 3-min Read

Life Care Management Approach Significantly Improves Results

Today there’s a continuous search for innovative models, especially in home care, that produce proven results and change the experience for seniors. The National Institutes of Health stresses the need “for proven treatments and approaches that not only provide measurable outcomes but also take into account patients’ wishes and preferences.”

That’s why Minnesota Health Care News featured Lifesprk in its November issue showcasing the difference our Life Care Management approach makes in the experience, but most importantly the outcomes for seniors and their families.

According to Lifesprk CEO and founder, Joel Theisen, RN, a baseline study conducted by Lifesprk found that our Life Care Management model reduced ER visits by 52% and hospitalizations by 73%. Those results translate into a very different experience – imagine fewer calls in the middle of the night, less stress, and lower total costs. Most importantly, by preventing crises, seniors and their families are able to refocus their energy into activities that feed their purpose and passion.

The opening of the article, written by Angela Nelson, RN, Director of Community Life Care for Lifesprk, shares an all-too-familiar experience faced by Betty as she visits her physician, fearful her doctor will suggest she stop driving. It chronicles the different anxieties and gaps that often occur for older people as they encounter a variety of life challenges.

As Angela points out with Betty’s example, “it isn’t just a ‘health care’ issue – it is a life issue.”

Lifesprk’s whole person senior care approach points to a better way to address those inevitable life challenges that’s gaining the attention of healthcare professionals who believe the role of the Life Care Manager (nurses) is essential in helping seniors live healthier, happier lives.

At Lifesprk, this critical component has been part of our whole person senior care approach for over 10 years because we know seniors and their loved ones deserve care that addresses ‘life’ issues, not just ‘health’ issues and focuses on not just one element, but all 7 elements of wellbeing. And the proven results we’ve seen because of our model demonstrate that focusing on the positives of aging does keep people out of the hospital living healthier lives.

We encourage you to read the article in Minnesota Health Care News to learn more about Life Care Management and the difference it makes for seniors wherever they call home.

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