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Our Employees Have Spoken! Lifespark Wins Another “Best Places to Work” Award

  • Aug 24, 2021
  • Carrie Maloney
  • 4-min Read

Awards are cool. Awards that recognize our company as a place where people love to work are extra-cool. And winning one of those particular awards three separate times (so far) makes us do a little happy dance. We’re thrilled to announce that Lifespark has made the list of the 2021 Best Places to Work, according to the Minneapolis/St. Paul Business Journal.

This prestigious award shines a light on organizations with extraordinary cultures and employees who care deeply about the mission.

Here’s why this honor feels especially meaningful to us: The Best Places to Work recognition comes directly from company employees. In other words, our own people consider Lifespark to be one of the best places to work in Minnesota!

How Did We Get Here?

It was all very scientific. In a confidential survey administered by an outside company, our employees were asked to evaluate Lifespark on topics like:

  • How much information are you given? Enough to do your best work?
  • How open and honest is your communication with your managers?
  • How interesting and challenging is your work?
  • How flexible is your job? Does it allow you a good work/life balance?
  • How effective are your managers? Do they actively help you be successful?
  • How committed are your team members to producing top-quality work?

Evaluators compared our employees’ responses to employee scores across all other Minnesota companies up for this award. A flurry of math ensued. Our people had voted us among the TOP SIX Minnesota workplaces in the large company category. It’s the highest ranking we’ve ever earned on the Best Places to Work list. So, we’re taking time to celebrate. But we’re not big fans of laurel-resting. Coming in at NUMBER SIX means we’ve got room for improvement. Our employees could still be happier. Onward!

Ranking Comes from the Numbers—Words Come from the Heart

Okay. You’ve just learned the research-validated survey process. (Huh?) Now, let’s speak human. What did our employees actually say? In addition to rating their workplace impressions numerically (strongly disagree to strongly agree), they also answered open-ended questions. Like this one.

SURVEY QUESTION:  What word best describes your work environment?


And there it is. Consensus around the word “supportive” isn’t a surprise. It feels more like an affirming reality check. Lifespark, as the name implies, is all about sparking lives. And we begin by SUPPORTING our employees. We hire awesome people and do everything we can to enhance their awesomeness. Not just because well-trained, confident, truly valued people can make a bigger difference for the seniors in our care. But also, because a person who feels supported is likely to support others. And pretty soon, all these helpful, joyful employees create a healthy, dynamic environment that becomes—well—one of the Best Places to Work.

A Peek at (Anonymous) Employee Comments

Every company vying for a 2021 Best Places to Work award receives a brief overview of their survey results. The report features a random sampling of employee quotes. What did we learn?

“I have never worked for a company/organization that has been as open and welcoming as Lifespark has been. If an employee feels that their current position isn’t a good fit for them, then leadership welcomes them trying a different position within the company. They would rather find a better fit for someone, then lose that employee.”

“Joel [Theisen, CEO] himself is an amazing burst of positivity and energy any time he comes to talk to you, and upper management seems to be very good at cascading information down to the appropriate people.”

“There are no words to explain how difficult the past year has been during COVID-19, but the Lifespark team has shown such resilience during this year. All employees came together, and go above and beyond every single day, to make sure our clients are getting the best care possible.”

Should You Work at Lifespark?

We’re growing. In new, exciting directions. That means we’re hiring!

Maybe you (or someone you know) would thrive at one of the 2021 Best Places to Work. Or if you’d prefer a career at this year’s Top USA Workplace or Minnesota Top Workplace, look no further. That’s us too!

Just bring your passion for sparking lives, the drive to be YOU, and a desire to transform the age-old story for seniors.

Apply now on our CAREERS page. Or reach out to our hiring team at (952) 345-3311.






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