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Party on! Dream Rally Wish

  • May 17, 2012
  • Meaghan Puglisi
  • 5-min Read

When Beryl Stoller was living in New Jersey with her family in the 1950‘s, one of the activities she enjoyed the most was getting dressed up to go out on the town with her husband Leonard on weekends. Beryl’s daughters, Val and Wendy also loved to help mom get ready – and they’re doing it again for mom’s Wish! <break>

Beryl’s Lifesprk Life Care Manager, Ethel, always helps Beryl look her best for the day helping her do her makeup and pick out clothes. But we wanted to give Beryl an extra special treat. Today we’re taking her and her daughters to Spalon Montage in Edina to be pampered and primped and help her relive all the fun times she had getting ready.

After Beryl and her daughters enjoy getting all their spa treatments done, we’re heading to D’amico and Sons for lunch followed by a trip to Fringe Accesories to do a little shopping. Look for updates throughout this wish as all the fun happens! See what a sparked life looks like!


8:30 am – Getting Ready to Go!

This morning, Beryl was eager to get going and couldn’t wait for her wish to start! We arrive at her home in Parkshore Place in St. Louis to pick Beryl up. She was ready to go and looked great! She always takes time in the morning to get ready by picking out an outfit, doing her hair and makeup, etc. This time, Beryl took out all her purses and chose a matching purple clutch as she chatted in French with her caregiver.


Beryl knew Wendy would be joining her today but was shocked to know that Val would also be there! “I didn’t have any idea! Such a delight to have to have two daughters! I’m grateful to have them” Beryl said. After getting situated in the purple Lifesprk car, we were off to Spalon Montage. On the way over, Beryl told us how much she enjoys her caregiver, Mercy, because she “makes [her] laugh every morning”! Once arriving at Spalon Montage, Beryl was extactic to see Val her flew in from San Fransico!

9 am – Let the Pampering Begin at Spalon Montage!


After getting situated, it’s time to check in for their appointments and start the pampering! Bery was first set up at a nail station to get a manicure. She chose a pretty pink color! Then they gave her a neck warmer to relax her even more and she was loving it! “I want my nails to be shaped straight across” she said. She smiled as she looked at her daughters and told us, “It’s such a treat for me to have both my girls here together!” We made sure Val and Wendy were pampered too! Beryl knows they deserve a treat and said “it’s nice at 93, to lean back an breathe, and enjoy my daughters and how well they’ve turned out.”

10 am – Time for Hair and Makeup!

As we moved on to hair and makeup, Beryl told us that “life does get better with age.” It’s something she wants everyone to know. At 93, Beryl is living proof of that. As she settled in to the chair at the hair washing station she looked happy and at peace. While enjoying a head massage she said “This is amazing, I love seeing my daughters faces.” Beryl is so grateful to have her daughters here today and loves anytime that they all get to be together. We’re happy we can make this day happen for her!


Amanda, her hair stylist, then took her over to her station to style Beryl’s hair. She kept adding more and more volume and Beryl joked, “I don’t have room for any more volumes in my library!” and then, anxiously, said, “I love my hairdo now I want eyebrows!” We can tell she really does love getting ready and can only imagine what it was like growing up with her as a mom! As the team fused over her makeukp Beryl gushed, “I can’t wait to see my girls!” she was so excited to surprise them with her new look! From mascara to lipstick, Beryl was loving it all! Her daughters came over to see her progress and told them to add more berry coloring to her lips, Beryl approved and it looked great. Finally they were all done! They’re a beautiful family on a beautiful day!


11:25 am – Accessory Shopping at Fringe Accessories!

We’ve arrived at Fringe Women’s Accessories in Edina to do a little shopping! There are tons of cute bracelets and necklaces here so Beryl should have no shortage of things to try on and chose from! So far, Beryl has already found a few things she likes!


11:50 am – Lunch at D’amico and Sons!

Sitting down to lunch now! After a morning of spa treatments and shopping we’ve all worked up an appetite! Beryl also took time to tell us her thoughts on the day!

Thank you to everyone who made this wish possible especially Spalon Montage, Fringe Accessories and D’amico & Sons! Everyone’s hard work made this day memorable for Beryl! Beryl truly lives a sparked life and we are honored that we were able to make this wish happen for her today! Party On, Beryl!

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