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Play the Game! What Kind of Nurse Are You?

  • May 6, 2022
  • Carrie Maloney
  • 2-min Read

Happy Nurses Week!

First, the sincere part

To nurses everywhere: “Our heartfelt thanks for your passion and daily acts of kindness.” Maybe you’re a nurse who:

  • Gives hands-on care
  • Teaches our future nurses
  • Reforms health care
  • Researches treatments and cures
  • Provides leadership and motivation to your staff
  • Steps in during times of crisis

Whatever your role (or roles), you’ve dedicated your life to caring for people. Please know how grateful we are.

And a special call-out to our own Lifespark nurses. We celebrate you this week — and every week!

Play our game: “What Kind of Nurse Are You?”

Now, the playful part

We know how hard you work. So please take a break. At least for the next few minutes. That’s how long it will take you to play the game we’ve created in your honor. It’s called, “What Kind of Nurse Are You?” Whether you’re a practicing nurse, a nursing student, or someone whose favorite TV nurse is BohKee from Grey’s Anatomy, this game’s for you.

What kind of game is it? You’ve probably seen online quizzes such as:

  • Which Dog Breed Are You?
  • Do You Belong on Downton Abbey or Bridgerton?
  • Which Zodiac Sign Should You Never Marry?

What Kind of Nurse Are You? is kind of like those. But this quick little game packs more depth than you might expect. Think of it on two levels:

  1. It’s fun! You reconnect with some familiar characters. You might see them in a whole new light.
  2. It’s thought-provoking! You’re reminded of the many faces of nursing. And you get a chance to stop and look inward. Reflect on the kind of nurse you truly want to be. Not just the position you hold — or the role you’re heading toward on your career path. But also, the spirit you bring to your work.

In fact, you might be inspired to remember the reason you became a nurse in the first place. This game helps you figure out if you’re following your true nursing calling. And if you’re not, perhaps reach out to Lifespark — we’re hiring nurses like you.

JOIN THE FUN. Play the game.

JOIN THE CONVERSATION. Share your results on social (#NursesWeek).

JOIN THE TEAM. Check out the wide range of nursing opportunities at Lifespark.

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