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Ray Healed Where He Wanted – In His Home, Not A Nursing Home

  • Jul 10, 2017
  • Meaghan Puglisi
  • 2-min Read

At 95-years old, Ray broke his ankle and was experiencing challenges he didn’t anticipate. First, his physician ordered him to reduce his activity so his ankle could heal. Next, the clinic social worker suggested he move to a nursing home for the support he needed. For someone as independent as Ray, this was unacceptable. He was used to preparing his own meals, doing laundry, and taking out the trash each week. Ray was looking for a solution that kept him living life on his own terms. Fortunately, Ray had his ‘safety net’ – his Lifesprk Life Care Manager, Mary Claire.

Mary Claire a registered nurse, had been Ray’s Life Care Manager for several years and knew him well. Rather than moving to a nursing home, she wisely suggested hiring a live-in caregiver. “At first Ray was resistant as many seniors can be,” said Mary Claire. “But he tried it, and by my next visit he was flourishing.” The Senior Healing After Fallcompanionship and oversight in maintaining his home on his terms eased Ray’s mind so he could focus on healing. While Ray was busy living his life from the comforts of his own home, his live-in caregiver kept a close eye on changes that might signal an issue before it could become a bigger problem. “When you have someone there on an on-going basis, you can catch and manage areas of vulnerability that could interfere with seniors’ independence and health,” added Mary Claire.

Today, Ray no longer needs a live-in caregiver. With his ankle fully healed, he’s back to running the show – living on his own, doing the things he loves, with Mary Claire as his Life Care Manager. Getting Ray back home not only helped him achieve his goal – it also dramatically reduced his caregiving costs by avoiding an extended nursing/rehabilitation stay, which may have led to further decline of his health and happiness. “Live-in caregivers are a growing option for many people because it keeps them home and safe,” said Mary Claire.

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