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Solving the Puzzle of Aging Magnificently

  • Dec 16, 2021
  • Cathy Gasiorowicz
  • 3-min Read

For the past 17+ years, Lifespark has been a tireless (and loud) advocate for value-based care. For starters, the fee-for-service model isn’t designed to serve the long-term health and life goals of seniors. It’s a narrow, reactive approach that consigns older adults to a rollercoaster of health crises, marked by emergency room visits, hospital stays, additional medications, and eventually, loss of independence. As healthcare professionals, we see this experience more often than we’d like.

The current health care system isn’t great for providers, either. Survey a a cross section of health care professionals and you’ll hear variations on a similar frustration: there just isn’t time to provide the level of holistic, proactive care that supports better health outcomes, well-being, and independence. Instead of learning about their clients’ goals and desires and addressing barriers to greater happiness, providers are given 15 minutes to address current health problems.

When you add the stress of COVID-19 to the constraints of managed care, no wonder health care professionals are feeling burnt out.

But there’s reason for hope—and a place to find it.

Value-based population health initiative

This past October, Lifespark announced an exciting new partnership with UCare, Minnesota’s largest Medicare Advantage provider, aimed at improving the health and health care experiences of older Minnesotans. Using Lifespark’s holistic, proactive approach, the value-based, population health initiative addresses all aspects of senior well-being—social, emotional, financial, and medical.

Because UCare was an early adopter of Lifespark’s model, they already had compelling numbers to prove it worked. Comparing utilization data, UCare members who engaged with a Lifespark Life Manager were 24% less likely to visit the ER and 43% less likely to have an in-patient admission. Better for clients, better for health care providers, and better for business. For more on this partnership, read the full press release.

Sparking lives together

When we talk about sparking lives, it’s not marketing speak. It’s Lifespark’s mission and a core expectation for all employees—senior executives to home health aides to Lifespark Go! drivers. But nobody is expected to go it alone. Ever. The same applies to how we empower seniors to age magnificently. With every team member contributing their individual talents, skills, and experiences, we can transform the lives of the people we serve and support. 

To see how the pieces of the puzzle come together, check out this fun little vimeo.

New year, new opportunity

With 2022 fast approaching, it’s a good time to step back and think about your career. If you’re feeling satisfied and challenged by your current job, absolutely keep it! They’re lucky to have you. But if you’re feeling frustrated or unfulfilled, consider bringing your passion to Lifespark to help us revolutionize the aging experience.

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