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Changing the age-old story

One wonderful book at a time.

Dr. Bill Thomas, Lifespark Chief Experience Officer, has spent decades working with seniors and their families to perfect the process for Aging Magnificently. Each of the four books tells a unique story, so download them all and enjoy!

Book One

Age Magnificently

This book flips the script on aging. Instead of an old story about decline and loss, it offers readers an exciting journey of growth and discovery. Yes, you can age magnificently.

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Book Two

The Good Life

Experiencing health and wellness as we age is something we can, and should, plan for. This book shows readers how to make a plan for their own version of the good life.

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the good life

Book Three

MESH: Move, Eat, Sleep, Heal

MESH offers a pathway to greater strength, purpose, and belonging. This book shows us how to do these four simple things every day to help us age well.

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Book Four

Better Together

For centuries people have understood the importance of having good neighbors. This book shows how the Lifespark Lodge concept brings people together in ways that make life better for all.

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Join us for

PLAYING TO WIN — A Global Symposium on Aging Magnificently

The Symposium will:
Give participants a deeper understanding of the impact of ageism and methods of combating ageism.

Redefine normal human aging as part of a lifelong developmental process.

Distinguish between frailty and aging and show how we can use simple, effective strategies to prevent and reverse frailty in later life.

Show how a positive view of aging can create a perspective that values, and practices, effective planning for a better future.

Shift the focus of wellness-related efforts from “Me” to “We”.

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Putting it into action

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