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Support group often overlooked resource for caregivers

  • Aug 29, 2012
  • Meaghan Puglisi
  • 2-min Read

You’ve seen them advertised in your local newspaper or on fliers in the supermarket: caregiver support group for those dealing with memory loss, meets every Tuesday. You read it but keep going, thinking how could that help me? It’s not like their memory loss will get better. How could this group possibly help me let alone spark my life? Many people have felt the same only to find that support groups helped them in many ways. Attending a support group changed their experience.

Members of Lifespark’s team has extensive experience facilitating these types of group and sees first hand their effectiveness even for those who were initially skeptics.  Regardless of the topic people form a strong emotional connection when they attend a group. “Their stories are different but the need to feel reassured that they aren’t alone in their caregiving is their shared bond.

JengaCuriosity is the main reason people take the first step to attend.  The group helps people shift their focus from the overwhelming loss that the person isn’t going to get better to finding new ways to spark each other’s lives and focus on the good things that can and do still happen.  The key is accepting that the relationship is changing so you can still have really great moments. Finding the spark is really about accepting the situation and positively changing how you will experience it.

To help others take the step and explore opportunities to find the spark, share your experiences. Have you ever attended a support group? What prevents you from trying one? Did it help you cope or offer advice that worked for you?

For more information on available monthly support groups for caregivers, call Lifespark at 952-345-8770.

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