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Tips For Self-Care During COVID-19 and Beyond; It’s Good for Your Health

  • May 26, 2020
  • Meaghan Puglisi
  • 3-min Read

There are so many emotions experienced with COVID-19 as we continue to navigate life in a pandemic and as we start to ease back into ‘normalcy.’ Guilt, anger, fear, sadness—all of these emotions are normal during times of uncertainty. Acknowledging and accepting those reactions is an important first step in taking care of ourselves. We’ve also seen the magnificence that emerges in challenging times – the ability to rise and lead, to come together and support each other, and to enjoy the gift of reflection and reset from the busy chaos that existed before.  However you choose to view the current situation, nurturing your spark by practicing self-care can help you keep your wellbeing strong. And for our seniors, this is critically important.

Taking care of our bodies strengthens our immune systems, helping to keep us from getting sick. Physical wellness also reduces the impact of our negative emotions. Lifesprk nurses offer these tips to help you stay healthy while at home or easing back into your daily routine:

  • Eat well and drink plenty of water.
  • Exercise daily, stretch often, and spend some time outside (while still following social distancing guidelines).
  • Make an effort to go to bed and wake up at the same time each day, and to get eight hours of sleep per night.
  • Try to separate the areas in your home where you work, play, and rest. Don’t use the same spot on the couch for all three.

Staying connected with the people who spark our lives is important, too. Right now, social distancing and stay-home orders have us all missing our friends, family, and favorite activities. But don’t confuse social distancing with social disconnectedness – while you need to physically stay six feet apart, we want you to stay connected.

For our older loved ones, staying connected and finding purpose can be challenging when you can’t get out or have family visit. Even before COVID-19, loneliness and social isolation were major health risks, the current pandemic makes them even stronger. There are so many ways we can support and guide you and your older loved ones to stay healthy and safe at home and as you begin to get back into your regular routine.

Technology offers several options for maintaining connections.

  • Reach out by phone, email, social media or video chat to other trustworthy and compassionate individuals who care about you and can validate your feelings.
  • Schedule regular video meetings for family check-ins, start a virtual book club with friends, or hold an online knitting group.
  • Find ways to help others, such as sewing masks or writing thank-you notes for healthcare workers.

Lifesprk is one resource to help guide you. We don’t want people to be afraid of seeking the care or support they need right now. If you are concerned, reach out to our team 24/7. In the meantime, keep practicing good self-care, it’s important for your health. Share with us what you are doing to stay well.

For additional resources, check out our guidance page for helping you through COVID-19 and beyond.

Self-care On!



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