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Lifespark Names Tom Schmitt as President

  • Aug 25, 2017
  • Meaghan Puglisi
  • 4-min Read

Joel Theisen, RN, CEO/Founder of Lifespark has said it numerous times: the home care industry is ripe for change. That case for change can be overwhelming. And it’s also why Joel has announced a new member to the Lifespark team of visionaries welcoming Tom Schmitt as President to help continue to build Lifespark’s model of whole person senior care for population health.

“The time is now to continue to grow Lifespark’s vision,” said Joel. “To remain a top performing company, we also need an integrator – Tom will execute our business plan and oversee the day-to-day operations of our company while I remain the visionary thought-leader, broadening our partnerships both locally and nationally.”

For years, Tom has focused his work on disrupting and transforming health care within communities to focus on improving quality of life for all people. “His philosophy and experiences blend naturally with our model and mission,” Joel added.

Since the moment Tom learned about Lifespark, he’s been intrigued with the purpose, passion, and most importantly vision.  “Focusing on the value of whole person senior care, not reactive measures, is what makes this company so great,” Tom noted. “I’ve always believed that Life Care should be integral aspects of health care quality and the outcomes for which we strive. I’m excited to help Lifespark execute on this vision.”

Tom believes it’s a vision that is ready to disrupt the booming senior care market. But it’s more than just getting ready to accommodate this growing senior population. He notes that if we continue down the current path of reactive, medically-driven care, the increasing costs to seniors and the health care system will continue unchecked. “Lifespark’s model of whole person senior care, both the people and the process, and the Lifespark ExperienceTM with a focus on sparking lives are creating the true revolution for seniors and their families. It is what this country and every health system and payer needs to achieve their goals and survive in the years ahead. Lifespark is delivering the outcomes that both payers and seniors want.”

Statistics show that 1 in 5 people aged 65 and older are re-hospitalized within 30 days; 1 in 3 within 90 days (New England Journal of Medicine). Despite significant efforts to reduce readmissions over the past several years, existing home and senior care models have struggled to stop the cycle and achieve Triple Aim. While many home care and home health agencies are adding technology for greater efficiencies and streamlined communication, Joel knew those efforts wouldn’t go far enough to change the experience. “They are still based on reactive support services that do little to prevent future issues or optimize people’s wellbeing,” Joel explained. “That’s what is different about Lifespark, and the reason behind our outcomes.”

Schmitt’s extensive experience provides a comprehensive perspective on opportunities to improve and transform the current healthcare marketplace. Over his nearly 30-year career in the health care industry, Schmitt has served as SVP of Population Health and Ambulatory Services and CEO of Woodwinds Health Campus for the HealthEast System and Vice President of Revenue Management for the Fairview Health System.  He also serves on numerous health related boards and is an active member of the community.

“We are at a point in our growth and development where to remain a top-performing company we need to create an organizational structure that will lead us into the future,” Joel stressed. “Tom’s passion coupled with his expansive knowledge and results in the health care industry will take us to the next level towards a sustainable population health management model.”

The combination of an integrator working side-by-side with a visionary is part of the Entrepreneurial Operating System. Lifespark uses that business model to provide strategic clarity and operational accountability, allowing it to gain continued traction in the Twin Cities and future markets.

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