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Webinar: Street-level Response to Life in 2020

  • Sep 14, 2020
  • Cathy Gasiorowicz
  • 2-min Read

An interactive webinar hosted by Dr. Bill Thomas, internationally renowned geriatrician  

COVID-19, social unrest, and economic hardship have taken a huge toll on our communities. As a company dedicated to improving health and wellbeing, we challenged ourselves to think outside the walls of conventional care to address current and long-term gaps. The result is Lifespark’s Open House, a hyperlocal mobile initiative that allows us to listen, learn, and respond to the needs of our communities.

On Sept. 24th at 2:00 pm CST, Lifespark Independence Officer Dr. Bill Thomas is hosting an interactive webinar about this innovative project and how businesses and organizations can benefit from their involvement with Lifespark’s Open House.

Among those benefits:

  • Gain visibility in the community
  • Engage customers/constituents where they live, work, and play
  • Build social media presence
  • Promote health/medical expertise
  • Offer employees a way to give back

The webinar is free but requires registration. Register today

When:   Thursday, September 24th at 2:00 PM CST

What:    Street-level Response to Life in 2020

Why:     Increase your visibility and engagement through Lifespark’s Open House

How:   Register online

About Dr. Bill Thomas

Dr. Thomas is an internationally renowned geriatrician whose wide-ranging work explores the field of human aging. Best known for his health care system innovations, Dr. Thomas is co-founder of The Eden Alternative, a global non-profit dedicated to improving senior care, founder of The Green House Project, called the “pinnacle of culture change” by Provider Magazine, and the pioneering force behind the Senior ER model of care.


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