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What’s It Really Like to Be a Lifespark Caregiver?

  • Aug 17th, 2021
  • Carrie Maloney
  • 5-min Read

“I feel at home here. I’m very appreciated,” says Tracey Cushing, a Home Health Aide at Cedar Creek Senior Living. “Upper management goes out of their way to tell us we’re doing a great job. It wasn’t like that where I worked before.”

Tracey is appreciated! Like every other Home Health Aide on our senior living campuses—and in every other Lifespark caregiving environment—she was hired for her passion. Her love of helping people to age magnificently.

“I want to put a spark in their life,” says Tracey. “If I can make sure they have a great day, that makes me happy and makes me feel I’ve done something important.”

In fact, it’s one of the most important parts of Tracey’s job as a Home Health Aide at Lifespark—discovering what brings people joy.

Happiness Is… a Lifespark Caregiver

Like caregivers everywhere, our Home Health Aides and Certified Nursing Assistants (CNAs) help clients with their personal cares (like dressing, eating meals, and bathing). But at Lifespark, our caregivers also spend time getting to know the hearts and minds of the people in their care. This may include finding out what they love to eat, which friends they miss most, activities they wish they could experience one more time, and the music that instantly takes them back to their youth.

“It’s normal for me to break into song,” says Tracey. “Especially ‘You Are My Sunshine.’ People love that one. One person actually knew the second verse and taught it to me!”

By making intimate connections with clients, our Home Health Aides learn all the ways to make a person’s face light up. And that’s exactly why most caregivers choose this career in the first place. To make a difference for people.

“If I can make them smile, that’s what it’s all about,” says Shawann Patterson, a Lifespark Hospice Home Health Aide.

Of course, getting to know someone takes a little extra time. That’s probably why it’s not a priority at most other companies. At Lifespark, we make room for our caregivers to take that extra time.

Lifespark Hospice Home Aide, Michelle Gould, describes the relationship this way: “We form incredible, intimate bonds with clients and their family members. I listen to their stories, which makes me really happy. Every client is special to me. A daughter once told me I was like family to her and her mom.”

We Love Our Caregivers!

Our Home Health Aides represent the hands, the voice, and the spirit of Lifespark. They share profound moments with the people we care for. They provide comfort and laughter. They hold secrets and find imaginative ways to make things happen.

With that in mind, we hire passionate, creative people and encourage them to be their passionate, creative selves. Just as they brighten the lives of our clients, we do our best to brighten theirs.

“I love Lifespark because they go the extra mile—not only to take care of their clients but their employees too,” says Shawann. “I’m appreciated and loved. I’m not going anywhere. I’m here for the long run.”

Do You Know a Great Caregiver Who’d Like a Great Place to Work?

We’re hiring! Lifespark is growing, so we need other caregivers who want more than just a job and collecting a paycheck but an inspiring experience that makes them excited (SPARKED) to go to work.. Maybe you know someone who’d like to be a Home Health Aide in one of our many senior living campuses around Minnesota. Or perhaps they picture themselves in a one-to-one relationship with clients and would prefer to work in home and community settings. Or would they feel more fulfilled by supporting our hospice clients and their families wherever those folks call home?

There are very few “sure” things in life. But this is one of them: If you refer a great caregiver to us, you’ll be the cool person who found them their favorite job ever. Lifespark is a dynamic, exciting company to work for. We’re striving to change the broken health care system and help seniors age magnificently. Those grand plans begin with our employees. We want to help them thrive, so here’s what we promise them:

  • You get to make a difference in someone’s life every day
  • Your boss sees how you shine—and finds ways to thank you for it
  • You’re generously compensated (good pay & benefits)
  • Lots of exciting career paths await you
  • We offer you courses to prepare you for your next step (Lifespark YOUniversity!)
  • Your company is shaking up the world of senior care
  • The people you work with are just as passionate as you are
  • Year after year, your company wins Top Workplace awards

If you’re a caregiver looking to be YOU at a job you’ll love, apply now through our careers page, or reach out to our hiring team at 952-345-3311.

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