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Complete Senior Health: What It Takes to Age Magnificently

  • Apr 7, 2023
  • Cathy Gasiorowicz
  • 4-min Read

If you’ve been following Lifespark on social media or in the news lately, you may have heard the organization described as a complete senior health company. Does this mean Lifespark has shifted its focus?

Not at all, said Dr. Nick Schneeman, Lifespark Chief Medical Officer. “Our commitment to seniors and to helping people age magnificently is fundamental to who we are and what we do, but the reality is that we’ve changed and grown dramatically over the past 19 years.”

For many years, Lifespark’s niche was private-pay home care, and as recently as 2019, made life management services available under participating health plans. Today, as a result of further development of its proactive approach, expanded areas of expertise, new partnerships, and the application of new technologies, Lifespark has evolved into a complete senior health company.

Complete senior health, delivered through the company’s flagship program, Lifespark COMPLETETM, helps seniors stay healthy at home, navigate their health options with greater confidence, and live fuller, more independent lives.

What is Lifespark COMPLETE?

Lifespark COMPLETE is based on the belief that while quality medical care is essential to aging magnificently, by itself, it isn’t enough. “Our approach to senior health is all-encompassing, meaning, we focus on all aspects of well-being, not just physical health,” Dr. Schneeman said.

Lifespark COMPLETE uses a three-pronged model that comprises:

  • Specialized, in-home medical expertise
  • Single point of contact for your everyday health needs
  • A more complete picture of you

In-home medical expertise

Lifespark’s medical experts are physicians and advance practice providers (APP) who specialize in the unique needs of seniors. Your Lifespark provider re-centers the health care system around you for greater convenience and flexibility. For example, your team can bring X-rays, lab work, ultrasounds, and even EKGs right to your home on your schedule, help you and your family understand the risks and benefits of different medications and treatments, and connect you with a full spectrum of health care options.

Single point of contact

Lifespark COMPLETE members are paired with their own Life Manager, a health care professional who acts as a single point of contact for you and your family. Life Managers advocates for you, coordinates essential and everyday health needs, and connects you to resources and services that support your life goals and preferences. From arranging transportation or a dental appointment to helping you find a trustworthy plumber, your Life Manager helps you live life on your terms, wherever you call home.

A more complete picture of you

In collaboration with you, your Lifespark team builds a complete life record that includes important information about you—your priorities, passions, personal history, and even pets—often left out of a traditional medical file. Your complete life record also includes a personalized action plan to not only help you achieve your goals, but also keep your family and health care providers aligned and focused on how you want to live.

Family support

Built into this model is family support. In the ‘usual care’ system, services and resources are fragmented, leaving it up to the family to research and manage support for their loved one. Lifespark COMPLETE relieves a lot of the pressure and worry that can weigh on family members.

Ebb and flow

Lifespark COMPLETE continually adjusts to meet your changing needs. Sometimes you might need more support, sometimes less, but wherever you are—in the ER, a hospital, or on vacation—your Lifespark team will advocate for you and your needs. Just give us a call!

To learn more about Lifespark and how we help people age magnificently, visit Lifespark COMPLETE or call 952-345-8770.

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