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To seize the opportunity, loudly, and create a new world where seniors don’t just age, but age magnificently we need to have bold conversations. Throughout each episode of Lifespark LIVE: The COMPLETE Shift, we’ll get to the heart of what matters to an ever-growing aging market – revealing the opportunity, mindset, and solutions people want from their health care experience.

Our host, Joel Theisen, a nurse and Lifespark CEO, talks with influencers, aging experts, innovative leaders, policy makers, historians, and researchers. With data, depth, and humanity, we go to the fringes and explore the complete shift that’s needed. One that brings health home, and why.

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Episode 6

Next Generation Living — Matching the Expectations of Today’s Seniors

with Bob Kramer, Founder & Fellow at Nexus Insights, Co-founder & Strategic Advisor, for NIC

What needs to happen in senior housing to match the expectations of today’s seniors? Perhaps first, we start by addressing the declinist view of aging in society. By shifting the expectations for aging and growing older, we then change the lived experience, and that’s ultimately the goal within senior housing. In the coming years, we will see a collapse in the availability of adult children as caregivers and that means there’s going to be enormous demand for senior health services and housing – how will we meet that? There are three fundamental areas senior living operators and providers should focus on – the whole concept of aging, combating ageism, and next generation living should be on the radar now.

In this podcast, Joel Theisen and Bob Kramer’s dialogue covers the intersection of health and home and where the opportunity really is within senior housing to get aging right. Listen in…

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Episode 5

Geriatric Consult Anyone?

with Dr. Nick Schneeman

Anyone? Bueller? You’re probably thinking – what is a geriatric consult? And you wouldn’t be wrong. The reality is, you can’t get one anywhere (except at Lifespark). Not in the ER, hospital, multi-specialty clinic. There’s no access to it. And yet, a geriatric consult is a simple opportunity to reach seniors and their families to tie together all the acute, chronic, and complex issues they may be facing in a way that promotes life and health.

This is a huge opportunity for health systems, providers, payors, and anyone who serves seniors. So, Geriatric Consult anyone? By the end of this podcast, we’ll have you asking for one in no time…

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Episode 4

The Unexpected Upside of Working with Seniors

with Dr. Bill Thomas

Could our unintended biases about working with seniors prevent so many from going into this profession? If we understand the true, amazing side of working with seniors would that inspire more people to fill the gaps? We think so.

What you’ll hear in this podcast with Joel and Dr. Bill are simple ways you can better serve your senior clients and how we can break down the misconceptions about a profession that carries years of stigma and incredible opportunity.

Their inspiring conversation may just leave you questioning your ‘old’ perspective. The truth is this field is wide open for innovation. Listen in!

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Episode 3

Health Care Can’t Wait: We Are Morally Failing Seniors And It’s Costing Everyone

 with Anne Tumlinson

Are we at a point, even with all this evolution in value-based care, where payment systems and designs are up to the task. Anne Tumlinson says ‘no, definitely not.’

Looking at this through the lens of both a daughter and a policy maker, Anne believes there’s an unbelievable amount of suffering that’s happening as a result of the disconnected experience people face. Joel and Anne get serious about what we need to accomplish, specifically, to create better systems of care.

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Episode 2

The Practice of Purpose is More Than Strategy, It’s Fundamental to Health

 with Richard Leider

Practicing purpose is more than unicorns and rainbows. There is a growing amount of evidence that proves purpose deserves a place in health care —keep that in mind as you build new innovations, care models, and strategies, especially for the senior population. In other words, there’s real science behind why purpose belongs in your senior strategy.

But it’s also about you. And helping you find purpose in your vocation. Listen in as we discover why purpose is fundamental to health, and your senior strategy.

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Episode 1

The Practice of Purpose is More Than Strategy, It’s Fundamental to Health

with Steve Gillon

In our first episode, we talk with Steve Gillon, author of ‘Boomer Nation,’ to understand what history tells us about a generation that has been a driving force behind incredible shifts in health care.

Listen in as we go deep into the boomer mindset shedding light on how care should be delivered and where and how that directly relates to your senior strategy.

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