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Lifespark adds the “a”: Because ALL seniors deserve to age magnificently

  • Sep 19, 2021
  • Cathy Gasiorowicz
  • 2-min Read

Since the day we first launched back in 2004, we’ve been listening to our clients and employees, testing new models and services, learning from our successes (and our mistakes), and working with incredible partners to evolve into the holistic, life-sparking senior services company we are today: 


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New logo, new website, and (as you may have noticed) a new spelling of our name! Our rebrand reflects our growth and evolution, and even more importantly, our commitment to helping ALL people AGE MAGNIFICENTLY. We’re passionate about changing the age-old story, stopping the rollercoaster of health crises, and doing whatever it takes to help you stay you, no matter how many candles light up your cake. 

Of course, what brings you joy is as individual as your fingerprints. That’s where our team make such a difference. Lifespark not only helps you stay out of the ER and the hospital, but we can connect you to whatever you need to live a sparked life. And that applies to ALL seniors, because Lifespark is working with a growing number of insurance providers to allow ALL seniors to get more from their insurance plans—at no additional cost to them. And by “more,” we mean Lifespark Complete with more guidance, more support, more control over life decisions, and more cost-saving options, so you aren’t just aging—you’re aging magnificently!

Ready to change the age-old story? Give us a call at 952-345-0919 to schedule a free consultation. 

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