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‘Mindset’ Shift Needed for Faster Integration of Senior Living, Other Providers Across Continuum

  • Dec 14, 2023
  • Meaghan Puglisi
  • 1-min Read

In a Senior Housing News (SHN) article, Tim Mullaney, writes, “silos in care are not breaking down fast enough across the continuum.” In a panel discussion at SHN’s CONTINUUM Conference, Joel Theisen, Lifespark CEO, Lynne Katzmann, Founder and CEO, Juniper Communities, and Mona Siddiqui, Senior VP, Clinical Operations, Humana, talk about the mindset shift needed.

Tim says, “This was nearly the unanimous sentiment among the attendees at our CONTINUUM conference last week. When we polled the audience, 85% of respondents said that silos are not breaking down quickly enough, and this sentiment was reflected throughout the day’s panel discussions.

There are various reasons why integration across the continuum is moving too slowly, including a lack of financial alignment between payers and providers in value-based models, operational and financial pressures preventing care providers from innovating, and lack of technological interoperability.”

Read on for the full article…

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