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Shine On! Dream Rally Wish

  • May 15, 2012
  • Lifespark
  • 4-min Read

“This day is as big of a day as my wedding day! I am so happy!” – Lifespark client Carol

Carol has a passion for fashion. It all started with paper dolls at age 5. She would play with the neighbor kids and while their interest in clothes and fashion may have faded, hers stuck. By 13 she knew she wanted to be a fashion designer. While most mothers wouldn’t be happy to hear that their daughter wanted to go and study pattern design in New York, Carol’s mother was quite the understanding woman (remember this was the 1930’s)! <break> She helped Carol get information on schools by typing letters to a dozen or so schools asking for information. Carol’s mom helped her decide on a the Traphagen School of Fashion Design in New York City. After going to Traphagen School of Fashion Design for 3 years she had to leave because of the war, but that didn’t stop Carol! She pursued her passion and enjoyed a long career as a fashion designer.

carol-1Meilan, her Lifespark Life Care Manager, bonded with Carol and began to discover her history and background in fashion. Although Carol may be retired and not able to do some things she once was able to do, we wanted to ignite her passion once again. Meilan had the perfect idea, have Carol and her friends participate in a fashion show! Carol loved the idea!

“When my Life Care Manager asked me to participate in a fashion show, I was thrilled. I can’t wait to be in my element again. Only this time, I will be in the show instead of behind the show”

So on May 15th, we picked up Carol and her crew and along with some of her family and headed to the Shoppes at Arbor Lakes for a fun, fashion, food and friends. Carol and 4 of her friends were to be the stars of the show! Carol used to fashion expertise to mix and match clothing from Coldwater Creek and Brooks Brothers to create the perfect outfits for all of the models, including herself, “I was open minded about picking my outfit today” she told us.

carol-2While Carol and friends got dressed and had hair and makeup done, courtesy of Ulta, the crowd anxiously awaited! “This day is as big of a day as my wedding day!” Carol exclaimed as the fashion show was about to start. At 91, Carol and friends, including Katherine, Wes and Francis, strutted their stuff across stage. It was such a blast to see them all have fun and everyone enjoyed the event. A happy Carol was beaming as she said “Thank you everyone for sharing this day with me”. On top of everything, The Shoppes at Arbor Lakes let her keep the outfit she had picked out which was the icing on the cake! Everyone who helped today from the set-up crew to the models themselves did a great job! With that, another Lifespark Wish has been granted and another life has been sparked, “Lifespark is amazing – they bring to life old memories so that together, we can create new ones” Carol said. CEO Joel Theisen also added an important message, “you don’t stop having fun because you’re old, you get old because you stop having fun!” There was no shortage of fun today! Shine on, Carol!

Background Story…

Carol lived in a senior housing apartment before moving to Brightondale, a SilverCrest property with whom Lifespark partners with to provide life experience services. With a move to Brightondale and the involvement of the Lifespark and SilverCrest teams, Carol’s life was ignited. Her Life Care Manager worked closely with Carol and her family to discover what her needs were and prioritize what was important to all of them. They all agreed that providing Carol with a sense of purpose, encouragement and empowerment to re-engage in activities, and having a holistic approach to her daily life topped the list. Together with their Life Care Manager and the SilverCrest team, they created a Life Plan that addressed their short and long-term goals and priorities.

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